Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson Philadelphia Cook Off for the 4th Annual Roots Picnic

Acclaimed drummer, Jimmy Fallon’s house band, DJ, producer and member of the The Roots – Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson hosted a cook-off and private dinner at Time Restaurant, Bar and Absinthe Lounge (1315 Sansom St., BTW 13th & Broad, Philadelphia) last night, Sunday, April 3rd in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. This dinner is the first in a series of new food ventures ?uestlove is launching. Additional announcements will follow in the upcoming weeks.Sunday’s cook-off event treated 25 special guests to a five course, family style dinner prepared by nine hand-selected chefs. The chefs competed against each other with one hour to shop for ingredients at South Street’s Whole Foods Market, then just three hours to prep and serve their dishes. In addition to their creative family style meals, chefs will also have to include the signature dish of the evening; ?uestlove’s drumsticks (I’m craving chicken now, friend chicken please. Why are the KFC’s disappearing?) The winner of the cook-off will have the honor of cooking for The Roots backstage at their 4th annual Roots Picnic on Saturday, June 4th at Festival Pier in Philadelphia.
Chefs competing at the cook off:· Kenny Bush – Philadelphia, PA· Nick Wilson – Fitchburg, MA· Scott Shroeder – Philadelphia, PA· Elita B – New York City, NY· Clara Park – Philadelphia, PA
· Jennifer Zavala – Philadelphia, PA (Above) · Anthony Leo – Philadelphia, PA · Brian Tucker – Philadelphia, PA · Eric Paraskevas – State College, PA (below center)
Thanks for letting me come in for a couple minutes to shoot the fun and excitement. This kitchen was small, and you can imagine the tension especially after Eric asked me what time it was and the chefs realized they had one hour left. Excuse me while I go in the kitchen & look for some chicken.
When did Phillies hats start coming in different colors. So confusing.
Elita B from New York City, NY in tong action
The table settings were beautiful and I did a quick check to see who would be attending by photographing the place cards. Let’s see there’s Patricia Washington, and Homer Jackson, Richard Nichols, Mercedes Martinez, and Junior, Drew Lazor, Patricia Washington, Chris Pow, Dan Gross, also spotted Danya Henninger taking shots for Zaget so look for them, and now for the judges Jazzy Jeff zilch canceled at the last minute, no problem we still have stellar judges like Audrey Taichman, Drew Lazor, Marcos Espinoza (or as he likes to be called Fidel Gastro <Sasha Gray and ?uestlove. By the way I ran into Jackie Baik entering Time, who you might remember from last weeks Shuck Off at the Oyster House on Samson, she tells me that she’s decided to stay in Philly and work on the exciting Cook project with Audrey Taichman. So excited, she’s very sweet.This is what you call GOOD BRANDING Hair Pick & Drum Sticks = Acclaimed drummer, DJ, producer and member of the The Roots – Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson

Donn T and @ ; Donn T is ?uestlove’s singing sister and will be at the Trocadero this Friday, so go check her out.

Never-mind I just checked it’s Sold outPATRICK STUMP Donn T / Nikki Jean doors 7:00pm / show 8:00pm / all ages SOLD OUT

guest, Questlove, actress Sasha Grey, guest
A few of the guests that I didn’t mention above Alicia and Kelsey. They’re Phila Eagles Cheerleaders, they don’t give out their last names, I think it’s a policy.
Amanda Dardis, Associate Art Director, UX at Comcast Interactive Media and Dan Olsovsky, some peeps call him Dan O, but not because of Hawaii Five-O, am I dating myself again?
Top Cheftestant Jennifer Carroll and Fidel Gastro. (I eat Jen Carroll’s fried chicken at least once a month.) My agency in NYC, where I send my “celeb, notable shots for magazine and blog publication, wrote me after I submitted the pixs, where is a Jennifer Carroll solo shot. Silly me I just think of Jen as my good friend, I forgot that she is a “celebrity chef” HughE #Fail. I remember when I first met her I would just drop by 10 Arts and get shots to send to WENN, but

All the shots that do not have the watermarked were borrowed from Twitter. If Twitter or it’s owners would like them removed I would be happy to oblige. Did you know that WENN has an agreement with Plixi pixs on Twitter. That means if you are a celebrity, Plixi, like Twitter owns your photo and has licensed it to WENN to sell. That is crazy and smart. I use Plixi in hopes of getting discovered someday and making it in some glossy mag, even the National Enquirer. Have they ever seen my dental exam photos?
Enjoying the good food last night @, Montez and @ Impresario, change agent, artist conduit, Ambassador of the City of Brotherly Love, publisher at magazine & @, Insider @
The end. That’s it, I don’t know the results, but I do know that Drew Lazor tweeted near midnight… Wait…it was 54 total dishes in the @ competition, not 48. #notallasiansaregoodatmath- and that’s a lot of food dudes. (Click on Home above on left after 9AM and check out the Situation entry for Monday, who was at Parx’s Casino. He’s got some crazy devoted fans.) Oh Wait Update: Kenny Bush, sous chef at Bistro La Minette (623 S. 6th)