Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Devotion Vodka Launch Party at Parx Casino

Here’s The Situation at Parx Casino the other night
Guido’s and Guidette’s were in full force welcoming their Jersey Shore king to Parx Casino and Club 360 for a Jersey Shore throw-down
Arriving a tad late as The Sitch was probably getting his GTL on after his state store visit, no he wasn’t picking up a bottle of his own Devotion, just getting graphs on at a local state store.
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino attended the Devotion Vodka launch party at Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the Jersey Shore star happily posed for pictures on the red carpet before heading inside to party it up. Here he is with Devotion representative Drew Adelman
It’s a family affair: Brother Mark Sorrentino, Mike Sorrentino and Frankie Sorrentino and sister Melissa Sorrentino with the cool Christian Louboutins.
Parx Casino’s Vatche Manoukian surrounded by a few Parkettes
Maria Laina – Parx 360/Three Sixty’s Hot Hawt House DJ with the Situation and
doing her magic on the stage. When you go to Parx 360 club, you can dance or you can dance with Maria who’s on stage. She’s the sexy hostess cheerleader with the mike helping everyone get their groove on. The Situation checks out the situation. He was a really nice guy calling up a few fans to party with him on the VIP stage, he was very accommodating when I needed him to pose with a few people, and moving freely in the VIP area, which was packed by the time I left at 1:45PM. Well I didn’t really leave I went to my favorite gaming machine and quickly made my donation. (The women next to me won about $20000 pennies. I was playing the SATC machine. I just love picking out Charlotte’s shoes.
Is this the way Jersey Shore fans say hello? He’s not really reaching into the beer cooler, Mike Sorrentino has an Elvis habit. Elvis, I hear, used to wear scarves and as his concert went on he would discard them into the audience. Sorrentino does the same thing now but with jewelery ( He walked up and down the VIP stage and tossed a few into the audience. I don’t blame that guy for rummaging through the ice, cause the pieces all run for $100.
Parx’s Public Relations Director, Carrie Nork Minelli , The Sitch and Diana Martinelli.
Not afraid to show their devotion Many fans told me they liked his swagger, the way he tells it like it is and dedication to living the good life.

Parx’s 360 club is always hopping through out the week. Parx’s casino is looking towards the future and expanding the casino as well as opening more restaurants and clubs. I noticed the landscaping outside had been upgraded, it looked good before now it’s great. Inside, the place was packed, even til 2AM when I left.
The Situation Posse. Look for The Situation clothing, hopefully it will include colors, but that doesn’t seem to be the situation here.
More Devoted fans, a lot of guys look up to him as their role model on how to live their lives and get a little snookie.
For those who didn’t get to take home a Situation there was always a photo to be had.
Dino Minnelli Sales at Southern Wine & Spirits and associates
The Situation looking to get in a situation?
Sporting his Luxury Laces cross jewelery hoping The Situation will flash his six pack, but maybe he’s taken a note from Marky Mark and decided less skin might be better for his career. He doesn’t want to be type cast as he makes his transition into movies.
Darlene Monzo, VP of Marketing, Parx Casino and Jim Gabriele

As I was leaving I saw Kristen bring up a late night snack for Mike and his friends, lemon bars, cheese cake and pound cake yum. Now that’s a situation I would have liked to have been in. See you in Italy Jersey Shore. Look for Mike Sorrentino to be around longer than his rumored 15 minutes, when not in character he’s a nice guy and much better looking than on TV and without those glasses (see first photo).