Philly FLASH MOB, er I MEAN DANCE MOB AT 30th Street Station

Philly FLASH MOB, er I MEAN DANCE MOB AT 30th Street Station
I heard there was going to be a Flash Dance Mob at 30th Street Station in conjunction with The Philadelphia International Festival of Arts, who is kickin it with PR. I quickly ran down there to catch the action with my video camera.
But once there I thought let me shoot it with my still camera cause one of the things I wanted to capture was everyday people catching the flash dance. I love their expressions and reactions.
First I looked around to try and figure who might be participating in such a thing, it’s not as easy as picking out who was going to participate in the huge public pillow fight at Washington Square on Saturday.
the station was busy on this 79F degree, where was everyone going? Hope they’ll be back on Thursday for the kick off of the PIFA. BUT don’t miss the 4/30 street fair.
There’s a great schedule for events kids will love
this was suspicious
it beginsa few more people join along, by the end their were over a dozen dancersand many more spectators

Don’t forget The Eiffel Tower Light Show

Twice nightly spectacle with 6,000 light bulbs brings the 81-foot Eiffel Tower and Plaza to life in a dazzling light and sound show.

a little confused
dance, dance, dance, dance
another photographer was on the scene so look for his photos too
There are a lot of dance events during the 3 weeks of of PIFA, check out the schedule here

Thanks to for the video. It’s enjoyable just to hear his commentary and to note how many trains are not running on time at the station.

I ran into a reader who recognized she reada me Stacy Sulima about the event and works nearby. She loved it and hopefully will catch a few events during the month of April.