Angel Porrino and Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling in Town for FlixFling commercial At Invincible Pictures

Yesterday I trekked up to Invincible Pictures in Fishtown to shoot the behind the scenes of a commercial for FlixFling. FlixFling allows you to watch their movies on your iPhone (through their app), Android (app), iPad (app), computer, FACEBOOK!, or TV (if you have an internet enabled TV like Google TV, or Apple TV or a Roku box for a regular TV). It streams movies on pretty much any device you want to watch them. Invincible Pictures is one of two large scale production studios in our area. Above Brad Heffler and Tom Ashley, who operate the Invincible Pictures. “We offer filmmakers a one-stop shop, from production support, studio access, equipment rentals, post services and distribution. We can help filmmakers maximize their budgets and enhance production value while giving them the peace of mind that their film will have solid distribution options available. We also help filmmakers navigate through the various PA tax incentives. Filmmakers who use our production services are never obligated to use our distribution services”
In the studio I found Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, formerly of the Howard Stern show, and Angel Porrino, from E!’s “Holly’s World”.
Happy Birthday Brad. No doubt with the success of this studio has some of his wishes come true.
I love their “green room”
Craft Service Table. A full lunch was served. We had pulled pork and bean salad, delicious.
Outside Studio A where the commercial is being filmed. Tune into my celebrity segment on NBC Philadelphia’s -Nonstop Ch 248, over the air 10.2 on Thursday at 9:30PM for the rest of the scoop on this behind the scenes at Invincible Pictures. I think you’ll like it. Lots of fun tidbits.