The American Liver Foundation’s 7th annual Flavors of Philadelphia

The American Liver Foundation’s 7th annual Flavors of Philadelphia was the hottest ticket in town, on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, as the city hails the culinary soirée of the year. Each of the chefs prepares their outstanding, gourmet three-course meal for their very own table of twelve lucky guests. The selection of the guests is done by lottery when the guests check in they are given a number. Right before dinner starts the lottery is drawn and that is how the guests find out where they are eating that evening. She also represents its sister restaurant Panorama in Old City too.
The event was held for the first time at the Loews. The space was much more intimate, but not crowded. Before when the dining experience was held at the Crystal Tea Room it felt as if each restaurant was on it’s own, where on Tuesday night you may have been eating with Chef David Wiederholt of The Capital Grille, but still enjoyed the charm of Chef Eric Paraskevas of Terra a few tables over.
Not only were you assigned to eat at a notable chef’s table, but the table you broke bread at shined on it’s own.
Sous Chef Michael DeLone,Maria Conicelli and Chef Brian Wilson of Le Castagne

Ristorante Panorama has started Friday Night Flights which will benefit various charities going forward. This month the flights benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It includes cheese, hors d’oeuvres and a wine tasting discussion with sommelier William Eccleston and guest representatives from each week’s region or importer. Tickets are $25 per person in advance/$35 at the door and can be purchased at
Co-Chairs Anthony Masapollo, Le Castagne and Sophia Stogiannis, Water Works Restaurants.
David Hall of the Loews is co-chairing the Living Beyond Breast Cancer 20th Anniversary event on November 12th . Other co-chairs are Jen and Al Simmons, Maureen and Nathan Doron, (Maureen owns the Mainline store Skirt), and Karen and Ed Garnier.
Participating restaurants included:

Sole Food (above)

Chef Thomas Krieble


Chef Chip Roman

La Famiglia Ristorante

Chef GianLuca Forasticre
Le Castagne

Chef Brian Wilson


Chef Rosario Romano


Chef Roberta Adamo

Tavern 17

Chef Benjamin Young
terra Eric Paraskevas

The Capital Grille

Chef David Wiederholt
Union Trust Steakhouse

Chef Quincey Logan

Water Works

Chef Darryl HarmonCori Moscow, Gloss PR and first client Anthony Masapollo, Le Castagne
In 2004, Anthony called Corie and said you are starting a PR firm, and I’m going to be your first client. That was easy to do as Cori had fallen in love with the pasta and could genuinely tout it as the best in the City. She also represents it’s sister restaurant too – Ristorante Panorama

Mike Jerrick of Fox’s Good Day with Luca Sena of Ristorante PanoramaLook for the Jewish National Fund Poker Tournament at Del Frisco’s on May 4 with event chairs David Dinenberg and Marc Rayfield
Sophia Stogiannis, Water Works Restaurants – The March of Dimes will host its 2011 Signature Chefs Auction Volunteer Reception on Wednesday, April 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Water Works Restaurant.
Penne Chef Roberta Adamo with the executive chefs lined up to be introduced to the room
Honorary Chef Food Georges Perrier- Le Bec-Fin with Patti Klein
were sitting at Chip Roman’s table representing Blackfish. Above Chip is with his wife Amanda. Chip recently opened Mica in Chestnut Hill too (I ate there it’s delicious). Kevin Sbraga, season seven winner of Bravo’s Top Chef, shares some history with Chip Roman, both got their start working for Philly’s own Georges Perrier – Sbraga at Le Mas Perrier in Wayne and Roman at Le Bec Fin. And on Monday, May 2, the two chefs will team up to create one tip-top meal. The collaborative six-course dinner for $85 will be held at Blackfish, located at 119 Fayette Street in Conshohocken, PA. Blackfish was recently named Philadelphia’s top restaurant by Philadelphia Magazine. For reservations call 610.397.0888. Blackfish gorgeous table done by Phyllis Jablonowski or Eventricity. She’s also involved in creating some of the great lounges for the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival on Sat 5/21
Quincy Logan of Union Trust
Cheryl Coursley, Laura Egan and Richard Liu. Mike and I met at Rich’s graduate college graduation party 16 years ago. Thanks Rich, he was the best gift bag I ever picked up from a party.