ARROW SWIM CLUB IS READY FOR THEIR CLOSE UP with Parties ++ Debunk some myths

About two months ago and with much fan fare Arrow Swim Club held it’s sneak preview party (for the May 15 Grand Opening)at Tendenza, another new hot spot in the Northern Liberties/Piazza neighborhood. The Piazza as you know, is Bart Blatstein’s innovated new living district. He built houses around a central courtyard, a main street living concept with businesses and restaurants to sustain it’s tenants. A lot of naysayers did not embrace his vision, some of the locals looked down on it. But when it opened it was a success, people loved living in the modern apartments over looking a very active central courtyard, whose TV or festivals would drive others crazy. Now a pool joins the neighborhood. You would think it would have been welcomed with open arms, but the marketing was put together quickly this past winter and the message was misunderstood. The message most people heard was it was going to be a “velvet rope” atmosphere and you would have to pass a scrutinized membership form. That is not the case, the membership form was basically on par with any agreement you would sign for a car, a cell phone, an apartment and the Lombard Swim Club. I think what got lost in translation, as it was on me, did the membership form represent a sorta judging on whether we were good enough to be a member. I’ve talked to Nicole Cashman, and the membership form was really about safety, to assure that you could leave your stuff unattended to jump in the pool and not have to worry that someone walked off with it. It was a credit check, something everyone does when you apply for a service, even when you apply for a job they check your credit. The Lombard Swim Club and the Arrow Swim are on par with each other except for the location, parking and it’s for adults 21 and older. Both clubs have similar fees and membership forms. The pool is almost ready to open with it’s Free Yoga on the weekends, Movie Nights, Cocktail Parties, season running til mid October. On warm days you can swim a pool as the leaves are changing. A friend of mine told me that since she’s pregnant she can’t really lay out, although she’d like to swim, I told her about the overhang and that you can place your chair under there and then go for a dip. I hear that the upper deck with the lounge chairs have been extended to go halfway around the pool area. The Cabana’s can now be rented for half days too.

Who are the members, people who want great service, a clean pool, fun activities and to know that the spot they’re laying on wasn’t just pooper scooped an hour earlier. Thomas Finnegan and Lex Wainwright told me at the party they were joining.
Kathy Jacobsen and Stacey Applestein might be happy to hear that Arrow Swim Club relaxed their guest policy to 5 visits per one guest per season (the same as Lombard Swim Club) – Meaning if your spouse doesn’t join, he can come with you up to 5xs that season.
$20.00 per guest per visit (Mon-Thurs, all seasons)
$30.00 per guest per visit (Fri-Sun, May to June 1; September 6 to October 16)
$40.00 per guest per visit (Fri-Sun & holidays)

The above photo is from Streets Dept who snuck in and got a few photos. He’s not a big fan of the pool basically for the price, but everyone I’ve talked to thinks the price is fine. A trip to the beach for a weekend is $1,000. Broken down it’s about $5 a day to go to the pool. Have you seen the menu it’s not gouging as he feared: menu on Grub Street Philly
It’s a great place to bring clients too to discuss business as you eat by the cabana bar over looking the pool. And then there’s the Chenango restaurant and fire pit lounge. Their hours are later than the pools and anyone can enjoy those places.
And Top Cheftestant Jen Carroll’s joining with beau Mark. It’s gonna be a great summer. Malloy on Philadelphia says it best “I think its safe to say anyone who moved into NoLibs these last few years (including many/most renters) can afford a $1000 fee for a cool place to go (daily if they wish) … People spend more than that on cigarettes! I think Cashman knows the city well…Id bet on her vision.”