PIFA’S STREET FAIR with La Compagnie Transe Express – April 30, 2011 Broad Street

The Philadelphia International Festival of The Arts Inspired by the Kimmel Center, and made possible by a grant by Philadelphia Philanthropist Leonore Annenberg, whose vision for a city-wide celebration of the arts shaped it’s philosophy and programing. The PIFA street festival was a huge success as nearly a hundred thousand descended onto Broad Street for the day long Moment in Time that is now part of Philadelphia’s colorful, artisticI arrived around mid-day to see Broad Street in full of smiling happy folks wearing paper crowns as if they were the next commoner to inherit a kingdom.
It was amazing the little details that added to the day
Wells Fargo had a stage coach in front of their building where people could pose for photos.
People dressed in costume animals, clowns even a growing to the delight of children

Speaking of children – Jesse Frank and his wife Diana are expecting a child this summer. Congratulations!!
a garden in the middle of Broad Street
Families willing to wait 90 minutes from this point, the guy is telling them, to have their face painted
Arthur Kade, Kate Beaver and friend. Kate tells me she did the flash mob after reading it on PhillyChitChat. That’s awesome since I didn’t make it as I was still in bed after my 14hr photo shoot at Parx Casino Friday.

This girl is taking a picture of a rock and her friend is taking a picture of her taking a picture of a rock
Nicole and Charles Paloux with Mrs. Bilcher
WTF? That did actually scare me cause the animal was so out of context for me.
Can we keep this ?
Lots of fun fashion on the Avenue
pretty girls
pretty babies
Donald Carter
Kerry O’Connor, Director of Public Relations for Magee Rehabilitation wants everyone to come to Friday’s fundraiser. “Magee Rehabilitation Hospital’s Night of Champions” Friday, May 6, 2011 6:30 P.M.. Penn’s Landing Caterers/Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall
Lovely bow

I guess when they planned their wedding they didn’t realize that Broad Street would not be a good place to take wedding photos on April 30, 2011
Laura and friends
Carol Fritz sporting one of the SA VA banner coats. Only 60 were made from the Free Library Festival Banners. I wonder if we can make PIFA Banner coats and raise some money for the Orchestra?
Doc Parghi, Kate Slattery and RJ Cacciutti
My Fairmount neighbor Barbara Epstein who volunteered for the PIFA event and also for the education programs at the Kimmel.
There were lots of photo opportunities on the Avenue
Especially the Maze
The 7PM crowd to see the Effiel Tower Show. Good news, the Kimmel Center is keeping the Effiel Tower at least through the summer. I would beg them to keep it forever. I see a new gala called save the Effiel Tower Gala, fundraisers etc. This is a piece of history that needs to be saved. Remember all the buildings dismantled after the 1876 World Exposition in Fairmount Park, and how people regretted it many years later. This would put the Kimmel Center on the map for tourism, like the Rocky Steps, or The Liberty Bell. People would come to the arts hall to enjoy the light show as well as just to marvel at the masterpiece.The view from the Kimmel Center balcony, at the Founders Party. Love this overview of Broad Street and the Festival.
Councilman Bill Green and Marjorie Green
Dennis Reilly and ABC6’s Nydia Han
Mimi Dimeling, Alan and Louise Reed. Louise and Mimi were part of the PIFA Steering Committee.
And it begins the La Compagnie Trans Express Jester

La Compagnie Transe Express

“The fair is an amazing culmination of PIFA, inspired by the Kimmel Center and its celebration of Philadelphia’s arts and culture community,” said Anne Ewers, the center’s president and chief executive.
“This sunset performance of La Compagnie Transe Express promises to be one of the most spectacular outdoor performances Philadelphia has ever experienced,”

Ewers says. “We’re grateful to our community for embracing PIFA and honored that the Kimmel Center was able to lead this inaugural festival.”


Copyright ‘Ray Skwire’

Copyright ‘Ray Skwire’

I want to thank everyone involved with PIFA, especially the people I worked with on a regular bases Public Relations Firm Nina Zucker and her crew, Ed Salvato who managed the PIFA Bloggers, and all the Kimmel Center folks, especially Dafni D. Comerota, Kimmel Center Public Relations. As someone who loves the City, and writes about it on a daily basis, this event rocked and changed the way Philadelphia is going to be viewed by others especially in the arts and culture worlds. Let’s do it again in two years!!

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