PHILLYCHITCHATTER: Celeb Sightings in Philly; Ryan Howard with Fiance at

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When did the name of the restaurant at the Westin change to Winthorpe and Valentine? Do you know what movie that name is from? It was filmed in Philly.
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is Having A Party in the Garden May 4, 2011 6 PM – 9PM
Thursday night Lisa Wu-Hartwell was spotted at Miss Tootsie’s. Lisa’s been in town filming a new Charles Dutton film at Sigma Sound.
Whisper found Corey Howard, and his brother Ryan Howard and fiance Krystle Campbell enjoying themselves in one of the VIP Sky Boxes. DJ Royale was spinning. Saturday night Wanda Sykes and burger king Bobby Flay both had dinner at Marc Vetri’s Osteria, but not together. Also Saturday night, Tommy Hilfiger was supposed to be on hand to receive the ninth recipient of the Philadelphia University Spirit of Design award. At the last minute he backed out, citing personal matters. Carson Kressley was on hand to give him the award, but in the end accepted it for him even mimicking Hilfingers voice while giving a mock thank you speech. Love that Carson.
Today Bill Cosby is on The Ten Show. Here’s the Green Room. The walls on the outside have been signed by guests that appeared on the show.
It’s over for PIFA, but the memories will last a lifetime. Oh and the cube stays. It will show the upcoming events happening at the Kimmel Center.