NIKKI SIXX PHILLY’S BARNES & NOBLE Signing and his Motley Crue fans come out in droves

osted by WMMR’s Jacky Bam Bam hosted Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue and his new book at a signing at Barnes & Noble last night. “This is Gonna Hurt”
About the book: Music, Photography and Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx, a follow up to his New York Times bestseller, The Heroin Diaries. Just about 750 fans line up to see Nikki, short of the 2,000 he signed for earlier this week in DC.
Nikki was last in town about 4 years ago in 2007. It was then that I really learned about who he was as a celebrity, rocker, role model and how devoted fans his fans are, the Motley Crue as you will see. Sometimes a person might judge a rocker fan with tats, tattered clothing, cursing like a sailor, and long hair, but get beyond the fashion armor and you’ll discover we all need a little love, and desire to be accepted and connected as we are; Nikki fans make up several generations and I found moms, dads and kids in line waiting for hours for a chance to meet Sixx. Rock fans (especially Nikki Sixx) seem to be very genuine, p[passionate and friendly; I would never pass up an opportunity to cover his signings and get a chance to meet the Motley Crew that flocked out in devotion to see him. Many folks were dressed in their favorite concert t shirts and told me the stories of each event, a few were in suits, scrubs, but most were dressed in my choice of clothing all black. Although many came from the tri-state area, I did hear stories of a women who flew in from Iowa, and met more than that who drove down from Albany, up from DC and over from Ohio.
Sugar Free, Yvonne Cuslen aka Vonnie C, Melanie Cunningham with Officer Strange. Wendy Stumpf made espresso brownies and brought Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters Jamaican Me Crazy coffee…from Rochester NY for Nikki Sixx. OK I’m awake.
Debbie & Ally Rivera brought “XS” Energy Drinks for him,
Pretty in Pink – Stylin’ with that hat. Adorable
Hello. Many of these fans arrived early in the morning to pick up their wrist bands.
but there’s a whole crew inside the building in group “A” that arrived the night before. Their reward, they got to hang during the day inside the building.
These fans, and by that I mean a lot of them follow Nikki Stixx from city to city on his tour. Many folks said they follow the band too. They’re like the Grateful Dead fans of years gone by, although there seemed to be a lot less pot smoking in their crowd, and by that I mean none at all. – Lori Mudrick, on left, drove in from Alliance, Ohio as this was the closest if come to hear. She plans the works at 6Am back in Ohio, and she tells me she’s going to make it.

Shawn, Lari, Jessica and TJ traveled down from Pocono, Pa to meet Nikki. They brought son Andrew’s guitar to see if they could get it signed. Andrew couldn’t come cause he is in boot camp preparing to be deployed to Afghanistan. They were hoping that the good folks at B&N would not confiscate it and hold it like they said they would as Nikki was only signing his book. All the fans know that is not the case, Nikki signs whatever you put in front of him. I tried to locate his publicist, but it was too chaotic when Sixx came in. i do hope they were able to get it signed.

Fun scarf. So many generations love Motley Crue.

Crystal Snider and Dean Pierce. He’s a Nikki fan, but is also getting a graph for his sister who couldn’t make it.
Jimmi Shrode

Jenny Penny was bringing him a dozen black roses.

A few Cheerleaders
Can you guess which person is not a Nikki Sixx fan per se, but does love a good photo with a celebrity. He paid $100 bucks to switch places with someone in the front of the line just to get a pix with Nikki. It must have been somewhat odd for Sixx since the guy didn’t have any books to sign, and well the rules were you don’t get a picture with only a picture of, but I saw it and he quickly got the shot he wanted of him and a celeb.

First in line, this crew got to B&N the day before a little before the witching hour of Midnite. Anthony Prestianni, Millvile, Stacie Ortiz, Heather Camp, Morgan Heino, Philadelphia, Paula Lytle, Middletown, Samantha Hunt Grantville, Rosette Watts and Jessica Cole both of Elmira NY, Jodi White, from near a town near Buffalo, NY
Reunion: 4 years ago when Nikki Sixx was in town to promote the Heroin book I met this girl and told her story on my blog that proceeded this one, “Confessions of a Paparazzi”
She had 90 days sober and at the signing gave Nikki her 30 day sober coin. It was touching and I send her a dozen or so photos of the event. Here she was 4 years sober later with the photos that I had sent her and now she was going to get them signed. So sweet. We had a little public AA meeting right then and there chatting about the gifts of sobriety. I get to write mine each and every day right here on, thanks for your support. So wonderful to re-connect with her and meet her sister too. XOXO

Looking good

Unlike last time, Nikki Sixx wanted intimate times with his fans and asked the photogs to leave. I can relate, he’s a great guy and really has a special relationship with his fans and they probably tell him lots of personal things.
He shook all the photographers hands and thanked them for coming. I got to tell him I was going to celebrate my 20th year sober this year and he grin widely and congratulated moi!