BRADLEY COOPER was in town Sunday (MOTHER’S DAY) through Tuesday visiting his family and promoting his new movie Hangover 2. I love love love that a celeb of his stature comes back to Philly to promote his movie for our local stations and god knows he hit them all Monday. I decided to sleep in since I had just photographed him 2 months ago for Limitless, which I loved.
Monday he ate at R2L and chatted with Chef Daniel Stern. Thought you might like this sexy tussled look. Wait is he slouching, OMG he is not perfect, it’s just like what Us Magazine says, he’s just like us, well me. Mom always said HughE stop slouching.
The next day, Tuesday I got a tip that Bradley Cooper was eating lunch at Stephen Starr’s Parc, outside, with his mother, but he was actually eating with
mom, friends and his driver. This was about 1PM. That is a long table he is at, if you know Parc’s that is about 3 tables as they are such cute intimate settings. He definitely called ahead for a prime lunchtime spot, these spaces just don’t open up on a beautiful day.
Yoga moves. Bradley pays the check and gives the waiter a big ass smile and probably a big ass tip cause he had to pull out his calculator to figure it all out. He’s just like me, I can’t add for nada.
What up with this jacket Bradley? BTW I love shooting paparazzi style. Normally I would have gotten a little closer, but in all honesty he was with his mom and I just didn’t want to disturb their lunch so I shot with my tele-lens. I got a few good shots later as you will see that I sent up to my agency, and I will send the story to my contacts at the glossy gossip mags, but there was no reason for me to shoot in a way that he could see me and I would ruin their time together.
I couldn’t figure out where they were going? Were they waiting for someone to drive up with the car?
Nope he was going to walk in the park. Maybe for old time sakes. This was about 1:10PM.
Opps he saw me, I guess I’m kinda hard to miss. I watched where he was going, was he walking to the Rittenhouse Hotel? Again I didn’t do anything crazy, the park was PACKED and I really didn’t want to disturb the beauty of the day.
As you can see, he walked passed the packed benches with a lot of lunch goers and nobody noticed him, especially with that ugly WINTER JACKET ON! I guess 75F is cold to this transplanted California boy.
That guy in the red had a perfect shot had he just noticed the A List star wandering by. His mom and sister have now dropped back. There’s a good chance he told them thatThe driver looks over and gives me a smile. Probably thinking “I might be on TMZ tomorrow”, cause he sees me juggle my little video camera too. (I’m saving that for my NBC Philly Non-Stop TV show cause he did something & I’m holding that little nugget back.)
So no one was near him now, there’s a good chance he saw me and wanted a solo shot cause he’s a pro at getting press (it could all be in my head too.) By this time I could tell that he was going to walk right by where I was standing, and most photographers would have run out in front and shot. Again I just really didn’t want to disturb the park or him. I got a couple shots that I felt were unique and told the story, and heck I really just was enjoying the fact that he was walking through the park undisturbed. (The artistic side of me loves this shot as it’s solo, besides him is the statue “Tribute of Love”, and there are two lovers on a park bench. He’s solo these days. Anyone wanna date him?)
As you can see by this picture he really did set it up so I could get solo shots. Now the Boyfriend is walking behind him to his left and everyone is spread out. I’ve discussed this before when I shot Sammi Jo, Jamie Foxx, Dev Patel and Kendra in other shots where their entourage steps to the side so that I could get a solo shot, but again I really just didn’t know what would happened if I started shooting him and people would notice it was him. Would the girls start running after him like the Beibs? Although for him to walk towards me like that it might have been a missed opportunity. What do you think?
He seems to be wondering what kind of paparazzi was I? “Smuck, I need some press man cause my film’s gonna drop and well you know how sequels go, they are usually just cash cows cause folks didn’t want to see the first movie end; we just hope the first weekend cleans up or we’re gonna be the next SATC Part 2.”Wait is it me or is Bradley wearing the same shirt as yesterday? Such a guy, I think he is wearing the same blue shirt as the one in the R2L photo from the day before? Well, maybe he knows he looks hot in blue and has a dozen of those shirts? (I have a dz black shirts.)
Now the slow speed chase takes itself near 19th & Walnut. Let’s go over this, they entered in the middle of the block on 18th Street, hung a left towards the center, made a right through the center, made a right towards 19th Street and walked along Walnut Street towards 18th Street
and stopped near the SUV across the street from Barnes & Noble. Hmm
This shot was kinda heart breaking as he says goodbye to his mom. He’s now in Toronto promoting the film which drops May 26. PS Ohhhh sorry to my lunch date for being 30 minutes late. PSS Those celebs like Parc, R2L & Del Friscos.