FAIRMOUNT RESTAURANT SCENE: Fare Opens 5/26 & Luigi’s Buys Old City Restaurant.

Saturday I was walking by much anticipated new restaurant Fare in Fairmont, which co-owner David Orphanides told me about last year when I met him at the Red Cross Ball.David is looking forward to the day the long planned restaurant is finally opened, pencil the date in your calendar as May 26, 2011, “along with my two business partners, Savvas Navrosidis and Andy Siegel. Also have a terrific chef, Tim Bellew, and GM, Robert Amar, without any of which the execution of the concept would not have been possible.”
According to their blog the restaurant is going to be very simply, simple. “We decided to keep things simple. Tim was right all along. He usually is. Healthy. It is all about eating healthy and balanced. And David is right. It is about using organic, local, sustainable and crafted. And, yes, we agree that this will be a restaurant with a good bar.”
The dining room is beautiful and simple in design
To read more about Fare check out their website HERE

I stopped by my favorite pizza place in the world, including Ray’s in NYC, which used to be my favorite b4 Luigi’s, anyway the powers in charge tell me that they will be opening a Luigi’s in Margate at 9414 Ventnor Ave in the coming weeks as well as taking over Bocca 236 in Old City and will be opening an Italian restaurant called Lulu. Look for them to do a little remodeling first. In just a few short years they’ve opened restaurants in Marlton, Philly and Burlington, soon Margate and Old City will be on the menu.