Table 31 In Pictures Last Night – What’s Next for Lindsay Furman? Chrissy Schaefer is that you, wow girl?

Table 31 is killing it on Thursday nights on Thursday NightsLast night’s Patron Party was a huge success despite the rain which limited the plaza access
I remember when the whole thing was conceived in January at Sabrina Tamburino’s surprise bday party, which was held at Table 31. Mama Carol Tamburino was talking to Chef Chris Scarduzio about getting her girls together and a dj once a month on Thursday nights for ladies night. That first night was a blast.
Along comes Tamar and Stephen Olitsky and it’s become a full blown blast every Thursday night.They’re dancing in the bar
in the restaurant
and upstairsthey’re dancing everywhere
Uri Jacobson and Stephanie Rybczyk
Carmen Tomassetti CEO CTO Artists and Jonathan Miller, President, Programing NBC Sports & Versus
Leigh Ann & Carrie
The Sgt Ray Clan
I don’t always carry my note book on these crazy crowded I can’t hear you nights, but here are a few names I know: Timothy Lucey, Erin Elmore, Nick Abraczinskas
Rita Madden, Danielle DiMaria, Gina Giorgi and Lana. Danielle tends bar at Tweed & Recess. She tells me that the Tweed Brunch has moved from Saturday’s to Sundays 2PM til 7PM. Which is good news since Table 31 is going to start a DJ brunch on Saturdays.
Please don’t poke me when you want your photo taken, oh and dropping names doesn’t help either, especially when I am actually better friends with them then you are.
Joann Zielinski, Christina Rowe and friends
Tamar, Chris Scarduzio, Butch Mayo, Steve and DJ Dozia
NBC10’s Weather guy Dave Warren and lovely wife Ali Warren. Lindsay Furman and fiance Sean Edwards. No ring as of yet, but he did etch this on her back.

Ania has returned to Philadelphia from LA and is glad to be reunited with Lindsay Furman. After working forThe Nouveau Image, Cashman & Assocs & then Silencia LF is ready to strike out on her own and has opened a marketing, social media consultant firm called AMP215. She plans to get her real estate license and work alongside Ali Warren at Keller Williams and conquer Philly; They will definitely be ones to watch.
Monique Crawford is in a loving mood
Pano Stavrakas and Heather Lee
Chrissy Schaeffer, Kimberly Boutique