RADNOR HUNT 81th Anniversary Photos; Fashion, Fun & Mud with The Beautiful People

For over 100 years, Radnor Hunt has been the focal point of an active sporting community, carrying not only its traditional activity of foxhunting, but also encouraging a great many other activities involving horses, horsemanship and good sportsmanship.
Every Spring The Radnor Hunt Races feature six exciting races feature horses galloping over hurdles and timber fences for purses totaling $180,000, but the real action is off the course on the grounds surrounding the course. Friends, neighbors, family and business associates gather to mingle, eat and be seen all the while helping to win the race for open space. All proceeds from the Radnor Hunt Races benefit the land and water preservation programs of the Brandywine Conservancy in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.Last year I arrived at what I would call late, checking in at the press gate at 1PM. This year I wanted to go earlier, but didn’t plan on 9AM. And still when I got to the end of the day I said to my dates that day, NBC10’s Maria Papadakis and WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta, that the day went by too fast.
Press Check in and long time Radnor Hunt supporters: Kathie Brown, Corporate Sponsorship and Publicity, Suzanne DeAngelo and Rowley Watson.
It was a spectacular day sandwiched between cold, wet fronts on both days and nearly 20,000 people were in attendance. I certainly could tell as I saw so many friends along my way.We arrived early so that Maria could do a live spot for NBC10 from the grounds at 9:30AM, and then at Noon. Here she is interviewing Annabel Schwartz, whose family has been coming to the event longer than she’s been alive. We’ll meet them later at a tailgate party. Last year you may remember this swing from the Lisa Gaudio and Jimmy Kazanjian wedding as they exchanged their vows at Radnor Hunt right here. With daughter Brianna D’Amico who’s getting married in October to Josh Alcorn.Out here in the Mainline they take their horses and their picnics seriously. This year was no different except for the muddy fields after 7 days of the Apocalyptic rain. As I was driving in towards the Paddock, I saw folks being towed or pushed out of the mud puddles. Every year the Radnor Hunt brings out the beautiful people, because everyone that attends is beautiful wearing their to die for fashions. Women in dresses, men in khakis, ties and some in suits, most everyone tops it off with a hat. This year was no different, but the horsey peeps had to don their rubbers and galoshes to make their way to their picnic area whether it be tail gating, box seats or a guests at one of the many sponsor tents. Dr. Adriana O’Connor and Kerry O’Connor sporting their stylish boots. Adriana works for the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and their gala, The Round-up, which is always boot kicking fun, is June 3 at Loews. Some people took a risk for fashion like the always fashionable PRStyleDiva Sarah Doheny, wearing her Joan Shepp finest, John Wind jewelery, vintage hat and L.A.M.B. timeless shoes. Sarah told me that “being a veteran of the hunt ya learn to dodge and know the ruts. All in name of fashion”. Sarah and John hung out at the Mainline Magazine tent. She knows her ruts, spotless, adorable shoes.
While savoring the anticipation of the the races, many of the race goers enjoy “picnics” lining the race course. There are sponsor tent parties like the ones I went to Philadelphia Style Magazine which was decked out and styled by Beka Rendell of Styled Creative and a delishes catered meal by R2l prepared by Daniel Stern himself. (On a side note if your photo doesn’t appear in this entry, I am saving it for my NBC Non-stop segment Thursday night at 9:30PM on Ch 248)Stacey Kracher, Aida and Anne Nikolaus. The Radnor Hunt is like our Royal Wedding or Kentucky Derby every year. The ladies and even the men wear some fine hats. There’s also a hat contest and a picnic contest.
If there were a fashion show winner it would be this happy foursome: Anna Souers, Christie Honigman, Dani Gonzalez and Caitlin Joyce. Soon it will be a year for Dani and Caitlin. They met at the Brandywine Polo. Opening day is May 30 at 11AM. I’ll be there as it’s Memorial Day. Maybe you’ll get as lucky as Dani and Caitlin and hit the jackpot.
Another lovely couple: Chris Chimicles and Kate Wilhelm, enjoy a conversation in between the horse racing. Last year Kate was supposed to be my date, but at the last minute she had to cancel. This year she got to see all that she was missing and agreed it was a fantastic event, for a great cause. Kate used to be the Director of Conservatory for Fairmount Park before taking her new position at the Pennsylvania Horticultural center as Senior Vice President of Business Development.
So many familiar and wonderful people I ran into on Saturday, especially at the Philadelphia Style Magazine tent: A family that followed their dream to DC, but stays in touch with their Philly friends. Doug and Holly Kammerer and daughter. Fox29’s John Bolaris, NBC’s Alycia Lane, Philadelphia Magazine Publisher John Colabelli and fiance Lauren O’Dorisio. Alycia wants to say hi to all her Philly fans. She wishes she could have stayed in Philly, but is happy & grateful as the weekday morning Anchor/Today in L.A. at KNBC. John and I just talked about the weather, really.
Hacina Saadi, and Dagny. Hacina used to be an au pair to the little cutie.
Tom Bently and Leslie Padilla
While beau Eric was out doing his own charitable good deeds, Dana Spain hit the greens with her new friend Tom Coyne, President at Coyne Chemical. In a little over a month Dana’s pet charity PAWS will be holding their own major charity event for the adorable puppies and kitties of the world on June 27. It’s always a howling good time, with delicious food, and folks dressed up in their Sunday best.
Joe Wolf, Retail Director at the Comcast center and wife Jane Wolf enjoy the good outdoors.
Jill Rizen, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, John Colabelli, Carol Tamburino, Happy Birthday Kristen Foote, Lauren O’Dorisio, Tanya Tecce, Tempa Berish and Jen Groover, (Tempa wants you to be on the look out for her Prada bag which was stolen from Radnor Hunt, please look for pics of girl in bright orange maxi dress for police.)The Sporting Club in the house: Amy Stratton, Kayla Gillin and Rachel Mednick in the Bellvue tent, which was catered by 12 Street Catering and Michelle Leff.
Fox29’s Karen Hepp, Camille, L&S and NBC10’s Erin Como

At the Freedom Council of Valley Forge tent President R.J. Cacciutti pours some bubbly for Ray Battaglia and his other guests at their tent on Saturday.
Stephanie Ott and Oliver Inslee are getting married August 12, 2011. Congratulations!!
Ronald Reagan makes an appearance. The patron saint of the Valley Forge Council was on hand for photo ops including this one for Joanna F Zatkowka, Andria Jones and Heather Sherlock
Adventure Aquariums’ Kim Walker and Brooke Truong. I’m embarrassed to say I have never been there. Believe it or not I helped write the ordinances dictating the construction lines on where it could be built regarding the wetlands, when I was a paralegal for the City of Camden.
Princess Johnson and Charnita Bruce loved their first outing to the races, and plan to return next year. Maria, Marissa and I made our way to the tailgaters across the field from where we were.
Stevi Richards and hostess Sally Price. Sally and her family have been hosting tail gate parties for years. There spot has slowly moved closer to the finish line where they sit this year. They’ve never won Best of Show picnic, but have won the not so coveted black balloon award. (I think they strive to get that award, note the dead flowers in the between them in background.)
The Scwartz Family has won First Place for the Tailgating party several times. Above: Katie Dombrowski, Annabel Schwartz, Tracey Schwartz, Callaghan Scwartz, and Larry Schwartz. This year they came in THIRD, which is insane (although they were cool with it since they had won before.) They did a Huck Finn theme with tent, boat, raft & food you would find in the South. Who beat them?
The Great Gatsby themed display by Tish Vanaman, of Chester Springs came in 2nd. She said it was not the display as much as the Viscous Potato Soup that swayed the judges. To server Viscous on such a hot day, they were impressed. With her are Len Zonetti, Mont Clare, and Lucy Edelmayer. Who came in first?
Besides all the other fun eye candy to look at during the Radnor Hunt, there is also the classic car show, and the hats, did I mention the hats. With a little more speed this lady might take flight with her feathered hat. I think there was a horse race going on too?