First Person video of Joplin MO tornado 5/22/11 w/Picture of Gas Station. Incredible as u are right there with them experiencing the horror.

Multiple users documented their own personal experiences during the storm, including this terrifying recording taken at a Fast Trip Convenience store on East 20th Street in Joplin, very near where the tornado did some of the worst damage. (which is incredible because of the large size of the tornado. The gas station ends up in the eye of the storm and the storm goes right over them.)

There is not enough light to see the faces of those taking shelter inside, but their voices — and desperate prayers — come through loud and clear. 23-year-old amputure film maker Brennan Stebbins says he thought he might die at the time. But he says those inside the cooler, including several small children, tried to comfort each other. Stebbins says they all ran into the cooler when the building started to collapse, crouching on the floor, praying and crying as the storm hit in two separate waves. Eventually they were able to crawl out. No serious injuries were reported. (source)
Brennan Stebbins states on his FB page “Found this Youtube video of the gas station we were at during the tornado. That’s my silver car to the right, which landed upright 30 feet away where the building had been.”