Pedestrians in Philly, remember things happen in three’s. In a matter of days another car careens out of control smashing into a building in Center City. Earlier this week a car crashed into a Burger King at 8th & Market, today this guy wanted to do a little window shopping.
I was hanging with my buds Julie & Susie at Skin Palette spray tanning salon, next to Sophy Curson’s, when we heard a loud thud. I didn’t think anything of it, cause I’m just that kind of City guy that ignores those things now, until the fire engines came screaming by to a haltAwkward. Driver of runaway car and Sophy Curson dba Susan Schwartz, who’s on the phone to the All State Insurance no doubt.

There was one hysterical women, not picture here, but someone who’s appeared on PhillyChitChat before, freaking out and yelling he could have killed someone, I was a block away and saw the whole thing, had I walked faster ie not been texting to see where happy hour was tonight, I would have been killed. Then she laid into me cause I shook the guys hand and thanked him for giving me the details. “What you are shaking his hand, he could have killed someone. OMG he’s a beast, then she gave an earful to the cop who basically gave her the yada yada yada look” Lady that’s why they call them accidents, otherwise he would have been dragged off to jail. By the time I took the last picture the cops were gone and he was getting in the tow truck. Bottoms up.
Egon(on right) tells me that he was making a right onto Samson street and a pedestrian crossed the street in the middle and he did a defensive move to avoid him.
taking the report on an ipad looking thingy
On the job training on how to break out the rest of the plate glass windown. Perhaps the first lesson is the photographer needs to get on the other side of the yellow police tape.
He noticed people sitting at tables alongside O’Shea’s and no one on the left side so he maneuvered his car to the left to avoid hitting the guy crossing the street and the folks at O’Sheas. (Note he knocked over one of those metal posts. Had that not been there he’d been way into the store. Lead sandal wearing foot driver.)
Next thing he knew he ended up crashing through the window. No one was hurt in the store, even though there were a few customers. Accident happened about 4PM.