Thursday I found myself at the Philadelphia Magazine
inside the old car dealership Wilkie on North Broad. The space is undergoing renovations to turn it into a premiere dining spot with two of our Cities most innovated restaurateurs, Stephen Starr and Marc Vetri. A larger space connected with the location will become another great Cescaphe event hall. Everyone on PCC knows they are my favorite because of the plentiful seafood they always serve at their events, and this party was full of the already peeled ready to dip in cocktail sauce delight.
The entrance that is bounded by Broad Street. No doubt will hold many a wedding cocktail party. This space is much larger than Tendenza or the Cescaphe Ball room both in Northern Liberties. Philly Mag is one of the most difficult parties to get in if you weren’t invited. You know why I know this, because weeks out people write me saying they lost their invitations and could I give them the details. I always refer them to Philly Mag cause you gotta be on the list for this one cause the door is watched. I did see a few party crashers, and you know who you are.
And look who I ran into in the foyer, Davio’s Maitre ‘d Ettore Ceraso and Anny Deirmenjian, Image Unlimited Communications, Ltd.
Center City District’s Michelle Shannon, and Bruce Shannon

Jim Gatch Jr and Jim Gatch III
Aly Green, wearing green followed by James Boney and Ken Wellar. Ken owns Saxby’s, which I vote as best place to hang during gigs for their free wi-fi and spicy roast beef sandwich. Plus clean bathrooms, and IPad’s all several tables, oh and did I mention computers. Find them at 21st & Walnut.

Todd Blythe and Janine White, Digital Editor at Philadelphia Magazine (or as I like to say my new boss.)
Jessica Hawkes and Scott Webster. See if you can spot them in the Philly Best Of “Sunday Supper at Dandelion” photo.
Sandy and Shaughnessy Fraser won for Best Pretzel. I asked him what the secret was and he said the ingredients. I guess it’s a secret would have been fine to tell me too.
These two are responsible for the cleanse craze in the City. Joel Odhner and Jennifer Richmond, Catalyst Cleanse won best detox. Their new eatery should be opening soon on 13th Street. It’s been delayed because they decided to go with a new store design. Can’t wait.

Steve and Jenn Frederick.
Ryan Berley, The Franklin Fountain with Lizzie Reed. Lizzie loves the Taryan split and Ryan loves the vanilla malted milkshake. Winner of the Best Ice Cream parlor.
Alexis Small with Commonwealth Proper (at least that’s what his FB page says, for some reason I didn’t get his name, but he does look dapper. Maybe his name is his company, which would be clever. I have a 50% chance of getting it right, Aaron or Craig, I think Craig.)
Donna O’Brien, Beautiful Blooms and Kristie Bergey, KB Experience. Kristie tells me that after 2 years of Philadelphia Fashion Week they are taking a year off.
Sarah Evancho and Steve Duross. Steve’s soap company Duross & Langel won best reason to leave Philly and that was to visit their new store in Haddonfield, NJ
Denise and Braden Young. Braden is the inhouse PR and Marketing for Krispy Kreme. He won Best of for using social media to land that job.
My apologies for the hoards of people I missed in the beginning, I was on a James van der Beek mission. I found him in the VIP lounge. Brought to the party by Lauren Richmond, Esq & photographer, Kim van der Beek’s friend from LA. James tells me he’s been too busy shooting his new film “Backwards” for the past week to catch any of the Philly historical sights, but he’s been to a Phillies game, and out to eat and the some delicious restaurants like Rouge, Parc and Osteria.

Tommy, with Terry McNally, London Grill, Joanna Graham and Amanda Giddings. Terry tells me this year over 15,000 folks came out to Bastille Day.
Larry Giuffra, Keith Leaphart and Sarah Laffan

State Representative for the 179th District, Tony Payton Jr; Megan Smith, Jacky Wright and Jamyra Perry,
Two wild and crazy girls who had a blast
In no particular order cause it was late and night and that’s how things are late at night: Brian Mace, Andrea Sasso-Greco, Megan Lawless, Jin Lawless-Richards, Kim Gunther, Mayo Seitmedia, Brian DeVuono,
Kellie and Joe Gaglioti, Joseph Anthony Retreat, Spa and Salon
David Lipson, President of Philadelphia Magazine
Raise the Roof, and it will be done cause this space will become the communal courtyard for all three eateries
relaxing at the after party at Table 31.
Until next year may all your dreams come true. If your photo didn’t appear in this entry you still have hope as today I resume my column at Philadelphia Magazine online – The Post and it could be there when it goes live. (In a few weeks I will put all the photos up to purchase)