NEW BUSINESS: WALNUT ST – Addition to Yogurt Ally, A New Woody, Portofino, The Art of Bread,

I took one of my strolls in Center City. Today I’m covering Walnut Street, so much going on there.

12th & Walnut welcomes Yogorino (on Walnut next to Starbucks) to what seems to be Yogurt Alley lately with Tutti Fruitti and Sweet Ending right up the street, and Yogurt around the corner at 13th and Chestnut. Yogorino is adding authentic Italian Gelato to this location. The other Yogorino is located near Rittenhouse Square and is very popular with kinda a cult following. The Walnut Street location is scheduled to open next week the rep tells me. (I just noticed tonight that City Paper scooped this last Friday)
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt at 1315 Walnut St will now carry The Art of Bread by Georges Perrier. Look for Croissants, bread and pastries to join Betty’s Fudge and their own Choux Cream Puffs, and cakes.
Billy Weiss’ Woody’s re-opens tomorrow at 12th and Walnut and it really looks a lot different than before
gone is the carpet replaced by a wood floor, which might now be synonymous with the name Woody’s than as Bill Wood’s last name or well the other meaning. Tonight is the opening to friends and family to reveal the new look of the pub bar & grill downstairs (pictured above), the dance floor and the new Suite (formerly the Cyber bar upstairs)Still on vacation. I peeked in and well everything looks the same.Opened
#Fail, soliciting for $$ for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU outside of Destination Maternity.

#Fail #2 – a nail salon on Walnut Street, I thought there was an ordinance against that?
Click here to see the Zoning Notice larger.Room With A View: The Latham Hotel has put their new exercise room on the mezzanine level at 17th and Walnut
Lagos is Opened, and looks beautiful