PHILLYCHITCHATTER: Susan Finkelstein, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Jim Courier Slept Here;

Tragedy has struck Phillies tickets for friendship, Susan Finkelstein and her family as

a catastrophic fire burned their 115-year-old Victorian house Saturday — Susan says “What the fire didn’t completely destroy, thousands of gallons of water did. Ceilings collapsed, sheets of water coming down, smoke, fumes. Most of our belongings gone. One cat died, all others but two located — but soaking wet, freaked, and hiding. Dogs fine but tired. We are devastated, and, for the moment, homeless.” She updated her FB status “Many many thanks to all for prayers, messages, advice, and support! It has made all the difference to us! The Red Cross sent a team immediately to our house and gave some money for food and laundry. The Red Paws, great folks who help people and their pets in disasters, brought several Penn Vet (yay!) students who made my dining-room table a makeshift M*A*S*H unit & examined every cat we could find/extract from hiding.” Someone has offered her a place to stay with her 3 large dogs too. (FB picture from an outtake of Philly Mag photos it says)


Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Jim Courier stayed at the Palomar Hotel over the weekend. After their match Saturday night at Wells Fargo Center, they hung out in the lobby of the hotel and partied til the 2AM last call.

Mike Vick was a no show at Sunday’s G Lounge Bi-Weekly Eagles Game After Party, but a few Eagles did show up as well as a DeSean Jackson appearance about 1AM, before he headed over to Whisper to party hardy with Allen Iverson, Lou Williams, Jason Thompson and a few peeps from the “Battle of I-95 BBall Game” at the Palestra. Around 1:45AM many of the guys from Whisper made the trek south to join the festivities at Recess in Old City.

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