Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Recess team and their friends. (Recess 2nd & Walnut, after hours club)I was there the night they opened, their first anniversary and I wasn’t going to miss their 2nd anniversary even though the party didn’t get poppin til after midnite. Above the Three Nerds Zach Seidman, Ryan Dorsey and Marc Mattera with their friends.
re·cess (rss, r-ss) A temporary cessation of the customary activities
of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit.
A remote, secret, or secluded place. Often used in the plural.
re·cessed, re·cess·ing, re·cess·es
An alcove
a cessation of business, such as the closure of Parliament during a vacation
a break between classes at a schoolvb [rɪˈsɛs] John Clark party hardy
to build a recess or recesses in (a wall, building, etc.)
Happy Birthday Drew “The Mayor” Carballo

Mike Richards, formerly of the Flyers, Miss Pennsylvania Amber-Joi Watkins, Flyers Scott Hartnell and Wayne Simmondsre·cess (rss, r-ss) temporary inactivity
Here’s to another 20 years. Thank you to my Advertisers – CTO Entertainment, Secrets Limo’s, Del Frisco’s, Chris Gabello, Anne Nikolaus, RECESS, Chambord, According to Sherman, Skin Palette (Mention PCC for 25% off your first Spray Tan) Bellevue Sporting Club and the American Cancer Society, Have A Good Weekend!