Stradley Ronon – Fire and Ice Associates Gathering in a Hot Place

Last night I covered a Stradley Ronon event in a location I had never photographed before or even knew was a viable rental space: the Fireman’s Hall Museum in Old City.
There was a special drink created by Phil Magee, president of Blake Florists and Decorators, who executed the event with food, decor and spirits. Stephanie Sanderson-Braem and Michelle Orloski
Christine McDevitt, Jim O’Connor, Aberdeen, Jim Kaiser, BBD LLP, John McGrath, Stradley Ronon
Elizabeth Lynch and Linda Mani, both from Urban Outfitters.
Kelly Nasser, Revlon, and Adrienne Reese, Oce Business Services.
Deanna Ballinger, Jones Lang and Joseph Kelleher, Associate at Stradley Ronon
Rick Lyons, 95 North Marketing & Design, with Gary Bagin, Chief Marketing Officer, Stradley Ronon
Darrel German, Joe Tammaro, Ronald Matthew, all of TD Bank with Gary Bagin, Chief Marketing Officer, Stradley Ronon
Maria Wing, Stradley and Rita Johnson-Greene, Astra Zeneca
The space downstairs was packed with happy associates and their clients. No partner’s were spotted at this shin dig, but behavior was respectable and no signs of lamp shade wearing peeps were spotted.
Jim Magnatta, Marissa Parker, Stradley, Amy Gorman. Amy tells me she’s planning to be a Swedish Chef. (I responded I love Swedish fish, as which point I realized it was a Muppet.)
Upstairs museum and party space
Edwin Roman, VP Phila regional Lending TD Bank, Maria Wing, Stradley Ronon, and Kathleen M. Fratantoni, CPA, . All three are on the board of Dress for Success is an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women located in 110 cities across 12 countries.
Steve Fienor, Jeff Naser, PriceWaterhouse, and Kelly Nasser, Revlon, Adrienne Reese, Oce Business Services and Lon Haines. Kelly commutes to Manhattan every morning. She and Jeff lived in the Big Apple for 8 years, but decided to move to Philly for it’s convenience, and it’s small town manageable feel. That’s what I like to hear.