Mayoral Nutter Inauguration Party, Link to My Philly Mag Column

In this the new year, Happy New Year. On the days I have my full length Philly Mag columns, I will have an abbreviated PCC column on same subject. This is not one of them since I had so many photos it was hard to whittle it down to abbreviated. Oh well, but I skipped a lot of info that you will find at PhillyMag.

Last night I attended the 192nd Mayoral Inauguration For Mayor Nutter held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. I’ve written a full length column at, but included a few pixs here first. Also catch me on Fox 29 at 9:40AM, and see what I look like with no sleep cause I worked on Philly Mag, Fox and my blog all night long. Sounds like a song.
I love their outfits and that’s why I wanted to photograph them. Doug Connors and Dainette Mintz, City of Philadelphia| Office of Supportive Housing
Matt Levin with Brulee Catering, soon to be helming his own restaurant at 10th & Walnut. He told me they picked up the keys today. Last week he tweeted that they are looking for a GM & wait staff. Just tweet him @cheflevin for info
Several dance troupes performed during the cocktail hour
newlyweds: Gloria Casarez, director of LGBT Affairs for Phila and Tricia Dressel.
The Mayor’s Press Office: Jennifer Crandall, Ryan Levan, Kate Hagedorn
Gerald Bright, Phila Water Dept and Christal Watson, Southern Wine & Spirits
Remy Cofield and Tori Prather. Tori tells me that begining this Monday the Sixers will be having a weekly party at Whisper.
Nora Nienhagen and Ben Greenberg. Although Nora has lived here for 7 years, this was the first time she saw the Mummers parade. She loved it.
Michael Harris, Phillies Front Office, and Joy Harris. Joy’s New Year’s resolution is to give up snacking, Michael’s is to give up Snapple.
Black Thought and Bobbie Booker having a great time. check out the whole story at where I have a full length column at least once a week, and 2 – 3 times I run a celebrity one shot photo with a story. The story should be live by 10:30AM