2012 Mummers Moments in Pixs & Broad and Shunk

Oh my another beautiful New Year’s Day. The weather was perfect for some mumming. Even the mummy looking statues in front of Moore College of Art were in the spirit. (I have no idea why this line is under these words.)
Even the mummy looking statues in front of Moore College of Art were in the spirit. I can never understand why someone boo-hoos about the Mummer’s parade, and how they don’t like it. Who doesn’t like a huge street party, with lots of people greeting you with Happy New Year, and appreciate the men, women and children who put so much time and effort into performing musical numbers and skits for your entertainment. Not to mention all the parties, or happenings in the restaurants and bars along the route. While most Cities, I’m looking at you NYC (I lived there I can talk), return to normalcy or pack the movie theaters, Philly extends the fun the next day. And BTW Sugarhouse Casino (and the peeps who lost their monies there), thanks for those fireworks too. They were awesome. (I appreciate it so much I’m giving you a live link which I normally reserve for advertisers and charities.)

crazy love
Bubbles are welcomed, I saw less silly string this yearDuring the Mummer’s parade it’s 5 O’clock all day long
The Froggers decorated, then posed in front of the patron saint of South Philly, Frank Rizzo
but the cops would have nothing to do with Rizzo being defiled like that and ordered the
adornment off
happy kids along the parade
happy mummers
These poor girls just wanted directions to the bathroom, but this Lyndon LaRouche guy hadn’t gotten one person to listen to his diatribe so he tortured the girls before he said “They’re right behind you.” (BTW “Hair” the musical is at the Academy of Music. this week.)
posing for a pix like only a mummer would know how to
a fixture at City Hall. Remember the church lady in the early 00’s, who would scream we would all be going to hell. She died of carbon monoxide. You should get a carbon monoxide detector for your house.these two were defiant in wearing their full faced crochet masks on this New Year’s Day when it was nearly 60F out.
just because
Then we headed to the first of the 3 parties we were invited to. First up

Tania and Marc Schade (PLUG of thanks: Long and Foster realtors 215- 409-6900) hosted a most fabulous party at the Ritz-Carlton Residences
The food was delicious and provided by Catering by Miles
I ran into a fan from Virginia, on the left. But she’s a big government agency spy or something and wanted to refrain from using her name. But I appreciate all her nice comments, especially when she saw Mike and said, “You’re Mike I recognize you from PhillyChitChat.”
Evan Solomon and Eric Cahill were there. (Lynsi was attending to guests in the other room as they had a little shindig going on too.)
I hung on the balcony for a bit as I was trying to catch my friends Jim Werner and David Persica in their perspective Mummers organization, but then conversation drew me away and I missed them both. Darn, next year. Then we went up a few floors to another party…
At the home of Noelle and Josh Burg, with Dana and Ron Donatucci, Jr.
The view was fabulous
we stayed her a bit, then did a recap and had a few munchies at Lynsi and Evan’s and never made it to any of the other parties. Sorry. Next year though I will have to make it to the annual Broad and Shunk party. Looks like so much fun

Carol Tamburino dancing to DJ Eddie Tully who’s played Broad and Shunk in South Philly for the Mummers Parade for the past 9 years. (Carol brought Isgro treats for everyone.)

crazy fun. So I ask you, how could anyone not like the Mummer’s Parade. Parties, people and fun all day long along Broad Street. Everyone is your friend, and u can make new ones, meet old ones.

Happy New Year!! Thanks so much for reading over the years. In 2012, you’ll notice a few more things.
1) Several readers have told me they missed me talking to them, so I’ll be returning to the style of writing where I talk to you more.
2) Highlighting more of the behind the scenes activities like I used to do in the beginning. I forgot that just because something is a given with me, that you my reader might not realize how something, or who someone is.
3) More best of lists, but this time pulling pictures from the last 5 years. 7/7/12 will be my 5th Anniversary.
This year I’m having a big blowout party in the Spring, which will benefit Gilda’s Club of SJ. It will be in Philly, with lots of fun people, as well as a big thank you to you.