ChitChat: Holiday Celeb Sightings, Eagles, Taylor Swift, Robyn Thicke, Winter Classic

Sorry I am so tardy in getting this news out. I’ve been sitting on these nuggets all week, but after taking a few days off I forgot how to get my energizer bunny on and produce. Thanks to all my tipsters and readers who helped me put this together.

Tuesday night, Chef David Boyle of Davio’s Philadelphia was interviewed with LeSean “Shady” McCoy and Nate Allen of the Philadelphia Eagles on “The Football Show” with Derrick Gunn and Joe Krause WBCB1490AM. LeSean McCoy, Davio’s Chef David Boyle,and Nate Allen. As I’ve reported before McCoy is a regular at Davio’s and has been there as recently as December 27th to celebrate being chosen to play in the pro ball. He had the ribeye steak with mac and cheese.

About the same time the entire Duke Basketball team was chowing down at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse, the following day they were spotted at The Shops of Liberty Place food court. Wednesday night they ate crow after losing to the Temple Owls for the first time in 16 years.
Singer/songwriter Robin Thicke performs at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on Thursday, Dec. 29. He wowed and wooed the crowd, even giving a young lady in the front row a smackeroo on the lips and a little sexual healing dance. Then he bought the front row champagne, stressing that only the over 21 year olds could partake. It was a hot night for sure as Robin disrobed at least three layers of clothing to get to this T-Shirt. The following day he flew to Miami to be with his equally hot wife, model Paul Patton. They spent New Year’s at P -Diddy’s house on Star Island with guests like Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Vivica Fox, Nelly, Fat Joe, Matt Kemp, Nene Leakes, Rick Ross, but not Rosie O’Donnell who was turned away at the door with her entourage of six. How embarrassing. Didn’t they recognize her? P-Diddy later said it was a mistake.

After the Robin Thicke concert I high tailed it over to Shampoo Nightclub to greet Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese. She greeted fans with that sour puss she calls a smile (I hear she’s nice, but if I have to ask you to smile and your being paid to make an appearance that’s just a major #FAIL). She was rocking off her glittery-mini and leather Louboutin boots. I saw a lot of her “fans” in the audience similarly dressed and I feared for their future dating lives. The crowds were a little better than last week when Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino stopped by to eek out his waning 15 minutes of fame.Thanks to Matt Hershowitz for the following photos. Both teams playing in the Alumni Game stayed at the Westin Hotel this past weekend. I love how the hotel set up barriers for the fans to stand at and have the players come over to greet and sign for them. It’s also a safety precaution so no one gets run over in the drive way. Here Darren Turcotte, NY Rangers signs a jersey for Matt. (Did I mention the swanky Hair O Dog party is at the Westin on 1/14/12. I did a walk through of the rooms last week and will be chatting extensively about the party Thursday.)
Above Matt is with Rick Tocchet. He seems pretty happy for a guy convicted of running a sports gambling ring in 2007, and then just
two weeks ago he had $18,000 confiscated by the Bahamian government.
from the Nassau Guardian:

Richard Tocchet, 47, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who played 18 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Philadelphia Flyers, the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Los Angeles Kings, the Boston Bruins, the Washington Capitals, and the Phoenix Coyotes, was arrested at the Lynden Pindling International Airport on December 23 after he told a U.S. Customs border officer that he was not traveling with more than $10,000. Tocchet was searched and found to have $18,752. He pleaded guilty to charges of making a false declaration when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez.

Tocchet was lucky to get off with only a warning, but he lost every penny of the $18,752. Geez dude just pay your taxes. What could that possibly be $9,000. Ugh now you have NADA and your ugly mug in the news.
Which wasn’t so ugly when you played for the Flyers and had all the girls swooning I recall. I hear Rick, Joe watson, Bernie Perant, Chris Therion, and Eric Lindoss ate at Capital Grille on Friday night. I would place bets that Rick didn’t pick up the check.

Del Frisco’s

Friday night: #Eagles quarterback Vince Young and his fiance Candace Johnson had dinner at the 15th and Chestnut Street restaurant. They were with parents and uncles. (I took this pix, and then screen shot it off a website. I should put words on my photos. That would be fun, but time consuming.)Saturday Night: Former Flyer’s great Dave Schultz, and friends had dinner at the steakhouse.

Defensive End Jason Babin and Sara Babin before they headed out to Todd Herremans and Brent Celek’s bar in Old City – 879 for a “Back to the 80’s Party” to celebrate the New Year on Sunday Night and a 34-10 thrashing of the Redskins earlier in the day. The boys had been locked away in their hotel room on New Year’s Eve as they had a game against the Redskins on New Year’s Day. (Thanks to Twitter and the feed which allowed me to piece this story together. Along with the help of the Sweet bartendress at 879)
Is he Axel Rose or probably just a hair bang rocker.

Why yes this is an ice sculpture of a women with vodka coming out of the vajajay
The after party was held at Recess Nightclub around the corner.
Julie Dorenbos, JT Wright and Angela Perfetto getting into the spirit

Speedy recovery wishes to Brent Celek (with Stephanie Dowling) after undergoing two surgeries on Tuesday to repair a torn labrum in his left hip and for a sports hernia.
Lady Gaga was spotted at a few bars in Lancaster County a few days after Christmas (12/27) with her Lancaster County boyfriend Taylor Kinney. Maybe she went to check out her potential news digs in Lititz. Funny how where she lives was a free for all in the press, but when it was reported where Cliff Lee was living people had a bird. Who by the way is back in town and was skating with the rest of his Lee family as mentioned on his blog yesterday.

Christmas week Johnny Weir performed his Holiday Dreams ice show at the University of Penn’s ice house. I mentioned that to you in my Philly column that it was going to happen. I don’t think I promoted my column enough over on the site. It’s under “The Scene” section. I drop alot of good news to know that might be useful and fun to chat about around the water cooler. This year I will try and promote it better, but you should check it out every day if you have time, I usually have something in there and they other folks do too.
Here’s the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus at the event. Thanks to Patrick Hagerty for the above photo. The men put on about 6 concerts a year and are a real hoot. Below is a shot from the event. I love how he doesn’t give a flying about what anyone thinks of him or his life.At this event they did a medley of the Village People, which Weir skated too. Reading Johnny’s twitter feed, I see that he and his boyfriend spent the holiday’s at Weir’s family house in Quarrysville, Pa. (this outfit is tame considering his others.
Now that I think of it it reminds me of the one Vasiliki Tsiouris, Opa restaurant [Midtown Village] wore to the Mayor’s Inauguration Ball on Monday night.)
On New Year’s Eve he declared: I’m married!

The duo married in NYC according to this article: Weir and his boyfriend Victor Voronov tied the knot in New York on December 30. Weir’s and Voronov’s parents were present during the small ceremony. They exchanged handwritten vows. All this was made possible by the relatively new gay marriage law in New York.

According to their twitter feed: They’re honeymooning in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic. (Hmm I take exception to that NY Yankees hat young man!)Taylor Swift visited her summer vacation spot: Stone Harbor, over the holidays. Her family had a house there when she was growing up, but has since sold it. Last week she came to town to visit her grandmom who still has a place there. I specifically was tipped off that she ate at Uncle Bills Pancake house, and other tips came in after that as well as stories began surfacing on the internet. (Source for the shot above)