On opening night I popped into the newly relocated Fish (1234 Locust St) to support my friends and have a bite to eat.
It was about 830PM, and there was still a decent amount of folks enjoying the first night too, so I sat at the Oyster Bar, where I would have sat anyway cause I know nothing about Oysters.
Chuck shucks and is a connoisseur at the Oyster Bar. I had no idea oysters had different flavors. I definitely need more training there. Monica Glass, as you may recall I mentioned last month in my Philly Mag column, is the new pastry chef at Fish. She is also learning to shuck, which she is excited about.
After a few delicious oysters I dug into the menu. There were lots of items to choose from so I order some Skate Chips to hold me over while I checked it out. Finally settling on the Roasted Baby Red Beets, (Chicken Liver Mouse, Crispy Chicken Skin, Pear Mostarda and Charred Romaine). Then Chuck told me the origin of the salad. Chef/Owner Mike Stollenwerk and his wife Marilyn were on vacation. It was like that 80’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial

He was having the beet salad, and she was having chicken liver mouse something. After tasting each others dish, Mike had an a-ha moment. It was a good decision. It was really good. I loved the presentation too on the slates, but use you knife to scoop all the morsels since there’s not a side to the dish.
Next I had the Cobia Fish, which I had never even heard about before. It too was really delicious. I chatted with Philadelphia Inquirer’s Craig Leban about the fish on his weekly chat Tuesday at at 2pm

Then Monica Glass showed me the dessert menu and I wanted everything, but settled on the Warm Chestnut Cake, with lots of surprises and homemade vanilla ice cream, which was delicious. Monica told me that their ice cream machine hasn’t been delivered yet, so she and Chuck have been running over to Amada in the morning to make some. Now that’s why is Philadelphia’s restaurant community is so wonderful, it’s about relationships and and helping each other in need. So nice I’m giving them a link for that.
Next on my bucket list Scallops (I photographed a guy sitting next to me, Bill Doyle’s dish, GO2GUY LLC. He was nice enough, thanks.)
Then Bill had the Octopus, (He loved it and the presentation.) and you know that is my signature go to dish. I’ll be back, and soon. I’m kinda hungry right now?