Linda Creed Foundation Annual Gala

Today’s event is the Linda Creed Foundation Annual Luncheon. It was held early in December, but I am just getting to it today:

Every year the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation provides over 325 mammograms and 200 diagnostic tests, breast health information to over 5,000 women, field numerous calls every week to women who have just “found” a lump, and help women and their families survive the financial crunch that often comes with cancer treatment. Do this, we depend on you. More than 75% of our income comes from individuals. Your gift of $50, $100, $1,000 or more helps make it possible. Janet Genardi on behalf of Genardi’s Supermarket donated $107, 000 to LC Foundation. Please help out the Linda Creed Foundation, keep the money local and for the people suffering from this terrible disease that might not be so fortunate to have health insurance. (source)Patricia Donnelly, Angela Micugi and Dotti O’Donnell
Susan Momenee-Cush, Annie Kilbride, Kate Kavanagh, Michelle Yeager and Susan Steinmetz
I’m a big fan of Philadelphia born Linda Creed as she wrote some of my favorite songs. She lost her battle with breast cancer in 1987, just as one of her biggest songs was to hit number 1 for the first time, after it was remade by Whitney Houston.

I really love attending, and volunteering for this organization. It’s mission is similar to my charity Gilda’s Club, as it assists women who are under insured or uninsured with everyday needs, as well as mammograms and counseling. Mary Spotswood – Spirit of Hope Award

There was also a fashion show, but it the ladies who lunch kinda fashion show, where you’re eating lunch and the model walks through the sea of tables, and you look up from your salad and think “that would like nice on me.” Oh she’s a mother with 7 kids, she looks good, or I remember when she was on TV. (Unfortunately for me I can’t find my patron book so I really can’t remember who she is. Do you know who she is?)
The whole kitten caboodle of mommies, wives, students and women models that took part in the event. I did much better during my segment that was shown on Fox 29 in early December.
Lake Naomi Breast Cancer Rally Committee received The Angel Award. Linda Brownstein, founder of Linda Creed Foundation, representative from Lake Naomi Breast Cancer Rally, Donna Duncan, Executive Director of Linda Creed Foundation.
Shirlee Kaplan with the 2011 recipient of The Gene Kaplan Award
Committee member Patty Friel; Kathy Lentini, immediate past president of Linda Creed, and Linda Camerota.

The 50/50 was a huge success with over $800 being raised with a split between the winner and the charity.
See you next year Saturday December 1, 2012