FINALLY THE 2012 SOCIAL SCENE HEATS UP, AND Sandra Bernhard Mellows The Fuck Out

After a very, very slow start to the 2012 social season, my minds been blank, even though my to do lists are full, these pages of PhillyChitChat have been bare, even though I have had stories over on Philly Mag’s The Post Blog, hope you’re reading me over there too. I know so bizarre competing with myself, but I am really branding that column, and the “One Shots” as one thing, and here on PhillyChitChat as something else and my appearances on Fox 29 completely different. (I know how much you missed my ramblings, I read your emails too.) OK the 2012 Social Diary is starting to look up starting tonight as there are at least 6 events. (since it’s slow I’ve been shooting the views from my window.)Two of them I am a hired gun so I will be hitting them first (one just booked yesterday and is at 9PM tonight), hopefully I will swing by the at least one additional one afterwards. Sometimes if you want me at your event, and guaranteed coverage on PCC, you have to book me (or you could be an advertiser they take precedence on other nights.) Email Me for rates: Buzz @ to book me for your next gig.

Comedian, Mensa member, brilliant (our generations Fanny Brice) Sandra Bernhard is in town with her show, “I Love Me, Don’t You?”, at the Painted Bride Arts Center, (230 Vine St., 215-925-9914) through Saturday. I wasn’t eager to go, I was never a big fan of her live stand up as she was always a confrontational comedian, in your face, a gotcha on the spot, which made me uncomfortable most of the time (like David Letterman’s interactions with her), but I always loved her on his show and when ever she was interviewed. I’m sure it’s just me.

Above is a clip from David Letterman that is a Bernhard hoot.

Now as the “Philadelphia Paparazzi” and social gossiper, I am interested that she is in town, and what she is doing in town when she’s not on stage to bring it to you, because she is a star. Tuesday afternoon I was tipped off that she was eating at Square 1682 for lunch. I decided not to wait outside to shoot her as I knew I would see her that evening, and I would just incorporate the story. I did decide to tweet that she had eaten lunch there earlier in the day, and she tweeted me back to see if I had been sitting nearby. They say that’s like the equivalent to an autograph these days, so check that off on my bucket list, along with the time Jane Fonda said those nice things about my work. Oh which reminds me I had photographed Bernhard in NYC once too. I was waiting outside the Kabbalah Center for Madonna, as she had just announced her divorce from Guy Ritchie. (I’m not a fan of hanging outside of places of worship, or peoples homes as you know to do my work.)Also going to services, Bernhard and her adorable little gal Cicely. So cute. Click on the pix to enlarge it. I heard the two ladies didn’t acknowledge each other, which is sad cause these two used to be tight. But you know Madonna, when she’s done with you, she’s done with you.
No doubt Sandra must be tired about answering questions about Madonna and their friendship.Sheri Lebeau and Laura Goldman, Chutzpah Magazine on the blue carpet at the Palomar Tuesday night for the opening party meet and greet.After photographing her party on Tuesday night, and then writing up my column for Philly Mag I though, I’d like to go check out the show.So off we went, Mike and I. He wanted to sit down in front, but I prefer the back row. There was a nice crowd, and we even saw a few folks we knew, straight people to boot.
Like Rich Wolf, and Susan Helfrich; and sitting in front of us was Marlo Polonsky.
I couldn’t tape during the show, but it was good, very tame, PG with a few fucks thrown in. I don’t know if it was tame because of the weather, or that the guitar players parents were in the room, but it was nothing like I remembered in years gone by, like when she was at Gay Pride about 8 years ago and was not funny at all. Last night though, she was funny, entertaining and she’s so damn smart, it’s like listening to Camilia Paglia but I can follow along with Sandra. The show runs a little over an hour, then Sandy has a meet and greet in the lobby. I wish I had a picture of her in her Moschino dress, it was hot, she is hot, she has an incredible body, and legs to die for. She’s all that and 56. (Happily betrothed with a gal for 11 years too.)Now I’m shooting this rug on stage cause I had heard from friends that Sandy was wicked in her humor of the rug that used to grace the stage. I tweeted about it last night, saying I bet the folks at the Painted Bride were offended and or hurt that maybe she didn’t do right by their guest. Someone wrote me that no I’m sure they knew it was part of her shtick. Well guess what they went out and bought a new rug. The MC mentioned in her opening remarks that she hoped that Sandra would say something about the lobby because she would love it if the management spruced that room up next.
I chatted with Sandy when she signed my CD, which I will eventually donate to Gilda’s Club of SJ for a silent auction. Anyway, I’m in love, she is so sweet and endearing. I asked her what she was going to do while she was in Philly. She told me she was just going to take it easy, she’s a little vaklemped, and has a little cold. But she’s been here before, and loves the City. Welcome Back. Go see her through Saturday, you’ll have a good time, laugh a little and sing a long and enjoy yourself.