FACEBOOK FRIDAY: Happy Birthday Wishes To Sabrina, DJ Johnny Looch and DJ Royale

Friday’s, I thought I would do something fun on today, sometimes I’ll do fashion Friday, and sometimes I will scour Facebook of my FB friends, and do FB Fridays. Since Thursday’s has become the new Saturday night, more times than not I’ll have a column on the PhillyMag site under The Philly Post under The Scene section, ok will you able to follow that. Plus there will be a link at the bottom of this entry to that column. (I’ve seen some cute pictures of cat’s lately, could you send me pictures of yours, or how about some pet’s and I’ll put them up sometime this month. Thanks.)
Happy Birthday Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne. If you’re looking at this photo it means I didn’t make it to your bday party last night. I couldn’t re-arrange my schedule, but I know it was fabulous as you are. Happy Birthday to another PCC girl, Erin Elmore who’s birthday is at the end of the month. Erin’s been jet setting all over the country with her new hot beau (Craig Spitzer), and won’t be having a party this year. Completing this pix is Megan Heaton and Jason.

Carmena Ayo-Davies – Get Foxy Brown revisited
Happy Birthday DJ Johnny Looch. Hope it was great. Sorry I couldn’t make it to Table 31 last nite to help you celebrate.
Sabrina T S bday cake, Fabulous!!
Happy Birthday DJ Royale, Whisper, Official After Party for Hair O Dog tomorrow nite. I’ll be there, smile for my camera.
Congrats to Luke and Kayce Thomas
Congrats to Tony Luke. He looks fabulous with all his weight loss, and he has a new product coming on the line.
hmm I don’t know what I think of this
17 Days of Fashion is having a gala March 3. Check out today’s Philly Mag column here. You’ll see one of the places I was at last night….