I hear that Brian Nagele ( & friends) are wading into the pool of a takeover of the management of what will shortly be known as formerly the Arrow Swim Club, 1031 Germantown Avenue. The founder and president of Cities 2 Night and operating here in Philly, will be managing and re-branding the complex. Their target audience will now be more in align with the neighborhood, and the management will institute a new fee structuring for memberships, making it more affordable.Last year the Northern Liberties swim club kicked off with a big splash, and although it was a success, there were still groans from people who couldn’t afford the steep price ($1,000) for a 6 month membership, especially with the uncertainty of the weather if they could only use the pool on the weekends.A little bit about Brian: What an entrepreneur this guy is; after making a huge splash with the party promoting business Philly2Night, he then decided to go in a new direction. Last summer he took over the Italian restaurant, Appoliniare at Developer Bart Blatstein‘s Piazza, and opened King’s Oak, a grill and bar. I love their wings.

Recently, Brian was part of the team that threw a very successful New Year’s Eve Party at the Piazza, where the entire complex was tented and over 4,000 people attended. (I didn’t go cause I traditionally stay home with my long time friends who I sometimes neglect throughout the year.)

No doubt with his combined business talents he’s going to infuse new life into the Arrow Swim Club complex this summer, including throwing the DJ themed parties which really took off mid-summer and opened the pool up to the masses with admission as low as $10.Everyone had a lot of fun at these parties, some were held in the evening, dancing occurred, spirits included beer, wine and Korbel champagne was served. The Three Nerds had industry nights on Tuesday’s. I chatted with a lot of the guests, the one complaint I heard constantly was “I wish I could afford to belong to the swim club.” Well no doubt now you will be able to afford it with the revised price structuring. No diving please!!A source associated with the company didn’t know the new name of the pool complex, but did mention that the restaurant is going to be called Yellow Fin Grill. (How cute.)
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