Hope you’ll read my Academy Ball column at Philly Mag in the Philly Post section, under The Scene. It took me about 12 hrs to write, and I’m pretty proud of it. Sometimes I put photos up of fashion don’ts, but I have to say everyone looked awesome so enjoy. And like I will be doing on days where I will be posting on PhillyMag, I’m not going to give you a lot of details of the event on PhillyChitChat, you’ll get it over there. I might be more opinionated here though
Adrian Hardy was spinning at the Young Friends of the Academy Ball part at R2L. He’s so crazy.

Christie Honigman (not pictured) was the PR for the Young Friends of the Academy Ball and helped organize a wonderful event at R2L before the gala at the Academy. Alexis Williams, wearing Ralph Lauren, brother Mark Williams and Carly Haroutunian. The girls had a beauty day at Oggi Salon then over to MAC for their make-up before coming to the party.

Glamour, glamour, glamour. Not your traditional red carpet ready gowns, but an air of sophistication in dress. Elizabeth Zelov, John and Nancy Galloway at the Tiffany & Co party.
And although the ladies were looking fine, we’re still not at the “Oscars” so not everyone knew what they were wearing. I did forget to mention in my Philly Mag column that GN Kang was wearing a Heidi Hamels borrowed dress.
I’m so excited that we have an exuberant, emotional, exciting new music director in Yannick Nézet-Séguin. This director will attract people of all ages and walks of life. You can see his enthusiasm for his job. Sorry I think jazz pianist singer Diana Krall was boring. I found her comments to be insincere. Has she ever been to Philly before? Yo-Yo Ma was mesmerizing and expressive, as you can see here.
I love that these two just stayed in their box to watch all the action of the party that was going on in the famed music theater. Then the hall was converted into a beautiful party hall.
Kelley Reilly, Carolyn Nagy, Renee Haggerty, Natasha Van Der Griendt and Alex Nagy had a front row table on the stage to see all the action.Doc Holliday, Chief Revenue Officer at Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News,, (Philadelphia Media Network) and Sandra HollidayTina Lamsback with mom and dad at the afterparty.
I will be putting up most of these photos in my online album for you to buy in a week, only $7. In the meantime check out my Philly Mag Column Here.