Bridgette Mayer Gallery & PHILLY AT SUNDANCE Cozen O’Connor/DIVE Event at The Spur in Park City

Hello. I’ll try and post some Wing Bowl Pixs when I get home today, if I don’t pass out first. Plus thanks for all your well wishes and support as I dealt with this wicked virus. I haven’t had a 102F fever since I was a kid, and it was no fun. I sure did sleep alot, but I missed a lot of great events too. Like this one:

Federico Herrero is busy turning the gallery into one of his world renown murals! Come out to see recent paintings, wall paintings, and meet the artist at our opening reception tonight from 6:00- 8:30pm. 709 Walnut Street- 1st floor Philadelphia, PA 19102


A few photos from the Cozen O’Connor/DIVE Event at The Spur in Park City.
Bob Lowery and Jillian Longnecker from Exclusive Media, “Ides of March”
Andy Greenblatt, Philadelphia Film Festival, Bob Lowery and Justin Wineburgh, Esq Cozen O’Connor
Guest, Alex Bickel from “Atomic States of America,” “Nobody Walks” and “Black Rock,” Guest, Guest and Bob Lowery
DJ Inga D’Angelo, spinning at 10 Arts every Thursday and D’Angelo’s every Saturday and Justin Wineburgh
Jim Uhl, writer of “Fight Club” and Jon Goldman, Executive Producer of “Oil in the Family”
Daniel Diamond, President of International Morgan Creek Films, and Guest
Ray Evers, Heather Hansen and Justin WineburghAnd my favorite Brett Rosenbloom and Justin skiing. Looks gorgeous. Thanks to all my sponsors, especially to Top of The Tower. Don’t forget their Eddie Bruce Valentine’s Day event on 2/11/12. It’s going to be spectacular and romantic. I’m going with a bunch of friends too.