WING BOWL XX PHILADELPHIA – SportsRadio 94 WIP’s Wing Bowl 20 at the Wells Fargo Center

Thanks to SportsRadio 94 WIP’s Wing Bowl 20 for credentially me for media photos, for my advertiser, LinkSouthern Comfort Fiery Pepper for hiring me for spot shots, and for the nice guards who let me run up and down the back stair case to get all the following shots to bring you the story.It was my first time at the Wing Bowl I think I captured what everyone knows it’s about, but I wanted to capture the whole day, upfront, behind the scenes, on stage and the people who went.
There’s the pre-gamers that are out there at 4AM when the gates open, so when I got there at 5AM it seemed like they were partying all night long. (They probably were somewhere else.) There were campers, and uhauls, tail gate popping, foot ball tossing (in the dark), there was dancing and a whole lotta fun going on, but I have a wicked cold and I didn’t shoot any of it.
Here’s the crew from Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper club box upstairs
and one of the contestants and his Wingettes 7 floors below getting ready for the procession that will take them to the Eaters stage where he will compete to become the championing wing eater in the land.
This is a fan posing with a few Wingettes.
Kevin and a tall model. I don’t know who Kevin is, do you?
Backstage was fun
He reminds me of Stu Bykofsky, and I think Stu would agree.
I think he wears his lucky t-shirt every year without washing it.
I love these shots
Not fans of Andy Reid and his Wingettes. If I didn’t have this wicked cold I would have asked who I was shooting, but if you’re a long time reader you know I’ve been down for the count this week.
a view
a better view

NJ Peeps: Gerevase Peterson, Burnz Cigar Lounge, greets the great Bernie Parent back stage
A Delilah’s girl gets thirsty
At 7AM the bar opened up for the publicI was surprised that the stadium wasn’t packed by 6:30AM, but by 8AM it looked like this.The Ultimate Mud Run: Night Ops is at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville April 21-22. The girls said that I didn’t have to be in shape to sign up, that it would be an enlightening experience. I think I’ll take their word for it.
Many of the Wingette’s came from area strip bars like Oasis, Cheerleaders, Delilah’s and the Gold Club in Center City
Isn’t this guy on the Dr Oz diet? He does look thinner.
fun back stage photo op. everyone was in on the story and played it up. It was a fun day.
Gold Club Girls. Go Check out my bud Mary Carey there until Saturday night.
The So Co team was handing out info to the guests at the Wells Fargo Center.SoCo prize pack giveaway!! To enter, post: “I love SoCo and Philly Pours”to the wall of Philly Pours. Send all your friends to Philly Pours to LIKE your post and you will get 1 entry for each 5 friends that “LIKE” it. Theprize? An awesome SoCo prize pack! Contest ends @ 3pm on Saturday 2/4/12. Good Luck – let the LIKE’ing begin 🙂
and this is what every one really comes to check out, especially if they can’t make it to Mardi Gras, or might be too bashful to go into a stripper club, or I guess they just like the communal experience? What are your thoughts?no tongue

This chick had so much fun the next time the camera swung around she did both breasts. It wasn’t easy either cause she had a turtle neck on and a bib dress.

Contestant “Stevil Kanevil” is packing a nail in his nostril during his procession to the eaters boxwhile in the Sugarhouse section
Chilita, Las Cruceil, New Mexico once ate a 9 foot sausage in 5 minutes

Only Wingette’s were allowed to ride
People photographing the jumbo tron for hot flesh
this is what
this guy is aghast at, which is happening three people away from him Sometimes celebrities are in the entourage. Above is Flyers great Bob Kelly with eater King Kong. I couldn’t tell who King Kong was, but there was a gorilla in a cage in front of Bob. (ie Bob Kelly was friends with my dad, so seeing him brought back some memories. )
Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi of Japan (C) rides a float next to NHL Hall of Fame goalie Bernie Parent (R) before “Wingbowl 20”
Ron Jeremy, Mary Carey, Christina Aguchi and Jenna Jameson (who was driven around town by Secrets Limo service)
Skin Palette in the House and Susie, Amber & Julie accompanied by Jon Dorenbos. The girls dusted the Wingette’s with their golden tans. Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi from Japan eats chicken wings on his way to winning “Wingbowl 20”, the annual chicken wing eating contest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 3, 2012. Kobayashi consumed a record 337 chicken wings in the 30 minute contest period
Until next year. A couple of my shots, and a few from the Reuters guy made this Canadian paper as best of shots.