Robing ceremony held for New Judge Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta

Yesterday I attended the Robing of The Honorable Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta. The ceremony, held in front of a large crowd of family, fellow judges, attorneys and court employees, took place inside courtroom 653 at City Hall.
Ron Donatucci Jr invited me to cover the “Robing” of Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta because he knows I want to start covering politicians and other notable people in the City, on a social level. What a privilege it was to witness this very moving, personal achievement of Angelo Foglietta as he went through the ceremonial traditions of being robed, and ascending to the bench as a judge for Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.
Several of his good friends told stories about the Judge, and how he will uphold the values that brought him to this day. Above John J. Dougherty, Business Manager IBEW Local 98. Dougherty talked about the values and virtues of his friend, the recently elected Judge Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta.
There’s nothing like the love of a sister, and I heard it loud and clear when Thea Foglietta-Silverstein, Esq. spoke. So elegant. At one point Thea mentioned a meeting with former US Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor, asking her what she would like people to remember her most by. O’Connor mentioned that she would like people to remember her as “a good judge”. Whether they were defendants’ litigators, jurors, other judges or witness. Thea said, in the future that is exactly what she knows people will think of her brother.
The Honorable Pamela Pryor Dembe President Judge – Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas said while introducing Developer Bart Blatstein, “I hope when he buys the Philadelphia Inquirer, he continues to carry the Dennis The Menace cartoon. (See my story yesterday about Blatstein & the Phila Inquirer.) (Social Diary commentary: Bart must be on the Tony Luke diet, he looks great.)
William P. Fedullo Elected Vice Chancellor gives his friend Judge Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta a congratulatory hug after speaking at the podium. Thea Foglietta-Silverstein, Esq (l)
Honorable Matthew D Carrafiello spoke about all the great people who came out their South Philly neighborhood.
Charles Bernard spoke on behalf of Congressman Bob Brady who was in DC for a vote.
Reading of the Commission: Natalie Flynn, Jessica Foglietta and Jacquline Foglietta, Daughters of Judge Foglietta. Judge Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta and his mother Lorraine Foglietta. Mrs Foglietta tells Hughie that the Bible she is holding is the same one that his father, Theodore Foglietta, held when his brother Tom Foglietta was sworn in as United States Ambassador to Italy.
Nieces and Nephews: Ron Donatucci, Jr, Michael Donatucci, Marina Foglietta Tereo, Christopher Foglietta Tereo and Theodore Foglietta III put the actual robe on the Judge.
The judge then ascends the bench and addresses the gathered guests. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and my family, said Foglietta. Most attorneys don’t dream of becoming a judge, but just want to fulfill the mission of their law school education of doing right by their clients and by society. But it is an elected position, so at some point Foglietta had judge as a goal, and today that dream was achieved. He thank his mom for her courage, direction and love. Then thanked his family, friends and colleagues. It’s nice to see someone’s dream come true, especially when you can tell they worked very hard to get there.
Afterwards there was a reception in the Law Library. In all the years I gave tours of City Hall, as part of the tour office in Room 121, I’ve never seen the law library. It’s steep in rich history. The chandeliers had light fixtures, but also candles in them. It’s a beautiful room.
Ron Donatucci, Jr, John Dougherty, Councilman Bob Henon, and Marita Crawford.
Dana and Ron Donatucci, Judge Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta, and Natalie Foglietta Flynn with grandson Jackson Flynn
Tina Covington, David Krain and Dana Donutucci
Judge Dan Anders and Donald Carter. Which reminds me, tonight at Table 31 is the 1 year anniversary of Ladies Night there. DJ Johnny Looch will be spinning. See you there.
The Magnatta’s: Jim, Marisa, Mom and Jim Jr. Also spotted: Councilwomen Janie Blackwell, Councilman Mark Squilla, Register of Wills the Honorable Ronald R. Donatucci, Esq., Judge Jeanne Mayer, Barbara McDermott, Charles Mapp, Nino Tinari, Esq. Honorable Rose Marie DeFino-Nastasi, and Honorable Paul P Panepinto.
Haneef Nelson and Kevin Price from the 2nd Ward
Congratulations: Judge Angelo “Hughie” Foglietta with his mom Lorraine and brother Michael.
I had no idea these ceremonies occurred, and that’s exactly why I want to cover politicians and people who are connected in the City. – A word from my sponsor. Remember this Saturday you can enjoy a Valentine’s Day celebration with dancing, dining and an Eddie Bruce Cabaret at the Top of the Tower. $90