Does Bart Blatstein Want to Put A Casino Here?

Bart Blatstein said in a Q&A on “I have not applied for a gaming license for that site,” ie the Philadelphia Inquirer site. Last year he bought the famed white tower that houses the Philadelphia Media Holdings. He hasn’t really said what he plans to do with the site, but recently there have been rumors that he wants to put a casino at the spot. (When I heard the rumor from two sources, I went out and shot these pixs to see what it would look like.)The Q&A came out of story that was making the rounds on Monday about Blatstein and a group of local investors who “plan to pursue an acquisition of some or all of the assets of Philadelphia Media Network, which operates The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and their shared website, The partnership, calling itself Philly Hometown Media LLC, plans to make a cash offer for the newspapers. (source)I think a follow up question should be, would you consider putting a casino at this site? I too heard the rumor that he is interested in doing so. I also heard that the School Board Building might be up for sale. The school board functions would move to a smaller school, and meetings could be rotating at the various high schools.

Bart already owns the State Building at Broad & Spring Garden, and now he owns the Philadelphia Inquirer Building.

So I’m saying Bart, it’s a plausible idea. Could it save Philadelphia? Would it bring in much needed cash to the City? I do believe Bart could bring a nice upscale casino, to the “downtown” area of Philadelphia. It would be the closet casino to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It’s near public transportation, and the expressway. I predict it’s going to be a casino by 2015
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