Jar Bar is finally Open – Vegetarians and Raw Foodies do the Happy Dance – Other New Residents of White Building

Last year I started reading about Catalyst Cleanse system, a juice cleansing routine many of the Rittenhouse Square gals were doing. Then I heard they were opening a Raw Foods restaurant, called JAR Bar, on 12th Street in White Building, in the space where Lotus Rugs used to be. It seemed to be on the fast track to open, but there was a delay.
JAR Bar, the raw-foods cafe from Joel Odhner and Jennifer Richmond, at 107 S. 12th Street is now opened as of yesterday. I was zipping by in a cab last night, when I noticed the lights were on, and like a scene out of Miracle on 34th Street I screeched for the cab driver to let me out there when I saw my dream house existed.
As some of you may know, I recently started the Caveman Diet, and those cavemen love raw foods, especially prepared by others in a way that it’s gourmet and within pricing reason.
I met Jennifer Richmond, last year at a few events. So sweet, and informative. I was already fascinated with the juice program ( Catalyst Cleanse ) that so many of my readers were on, and was wondering if the restaurant they were opening was all about the juices. She told me that although they were going to sell the juices they were also going to offer various delicious foods to take out or eat in. They’re even going to have curbside delivery. You call and order ahead of time, and then park at 12th & Samsom and they’ll run the food out to you. Convenient. I know someone who’s going to love it and that’s Gavin from Fusion Cross Training, which is located upstairs.

Last night I had sweet-potato spaghetti, and a tiny taste of chocolate mousse made with avocado and raw chocolate. It was delicious, really.I was really surprised what I always described as faux food was so good. I especially loved the Sweet Potato pasta, and that serving with a tall glass of water was just what my dietician always suggested.
I nibbled on the burger and fries. The burger is made out of almonds, flax, carrot, celery, red/green peppers. The fries, jicama, sweet potato, salt, pepper, garlic and paprika. There’s also plenty of salads and chips, kale chips to be exact. Taste similarly to potato chips. I see a new way of eating. I really had a different understanding of Raw Food, but now that I’ve eaten it there’s nothing foreign or voodoo about it. Jennifer also explained the juicing system, and described the smoothies they would be serving. I chatted about Mike’s new Vita Mix and her eyes lit up. They use that too, and said Mike must be serious into his raw food and I said he was. The other day he gave me a Kale smoothie that was delicious. “That’s raw food” Jennifer said. I guess I already experienced it and I didn’t even realize it.
On either side of Raw Bar are newly occupied spaces too. On the left, closer to Chestnut Street, the Philly Cup Cake boys rented the space and are selling vintage clothing. On the right will soon be the newly relocated Kitchenette, which currently is 1120 Walnut St. Last week I ran into the owner who told me the new space will also have a demonstration kitchen and lots of the same great items you love at the current store. Look for the opening in April.