Just a heads up about the new TV Show “Do No Harm”, with Phylicia Rashad,which I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. It looks like it will be filming on Delancey Street on Friday. I love these notices they are finally getting more descriptive, which will help you plan your day. No Parking along 21st Street between Locust and Pine Streets
Also no parking on Delancey Street half way up the block in the 2100 bloc and 2000 block
Remember when the Neil Patrick Harris movie used this house for Bright Lights, Big City.
And the Answer Man with Jeff Bridges, he used this house at the corner of 21st and Delancey. I think this is the house they are going to use for the TV shoot, the upstairs windows are boarded up as if no one lives there. It’s a gigantic house

Also the bike lane will be blocked from 18th Street to 20th Street. The GPFO tells me that the Philly Bike Coalition will have a notice on it’s website soon with information, and hopefully alternatives. These restrictions will only be in place for 24hrs, which is nothing when you compare all the great revenue that will flow into the coffers generated by the business and people the shoots bring to the City via the Film Tax Credits. Also I do love to shoot the celebs and bringing the stories to you.