Closed Eateries, Celebrities Out and About, Upcoming Events

Saturday was St Patrick’s Day, and that PhillyChitChat entry will publish about 10:30AM so check it out. A friend of mine who was doing the bar crawl and told me that the Blue Bear Tavern was closed. I ran over and sure enough the bar that quietly opened according to Grub Street Philly, in September, quietly closed Wednesday night. But on the door there was another sign…Temporarily Closed…so stay tuned. Looks like we have the first casualty from the Yogurt Wars in Midtown Village.
One of my favorite places, Tutti Frutti is CLOSED now, they’ve wrapped up their choux creme and yogurt and returned to NYC. I had been observing the store for a while, saw them close up for the winter last November, then a sign went up saying they’d be back in the Spring, Saturday the sign was gone and well they’re gone too. Phone is disconnected, put a fork in it, they’re … Done in by Sweet Endings, Yogurino and the Yogurt Place on Chestnut. I’m sorry to see them go. I tried to reach owners Kevin and Shane, but to no avail. I’ll miss those guys. (When I shot the above photo I didn’t notice that on the left side the windows were wrapped in brown paper, which I noticed on Monday when I checked it out again.)
Celebrity’s Out and About in Philly: Thursday night “True Blood” actor Todd Lowe, who is in M Night’s After Earth with The Smiths, was enjoying the food at Stephen Starr’s El Vez. He met a few local girls and they bonded. The following night they went to the Farmer’s Cabinet.Bobby Flay and Mike Symon were at Vetri on Friday with the winner from the Alex’s Lemonade auction from the big event they have every year at the Urban Outfitter’s Complex. Later in the evening Marc Vetri, Flay and Symon headed over to Alla Spina.
Visiting Sports Teams – Where did they eat?

Thursday night the Miami Heat watching March Madness at Fox & The Hound. Saturday night a few of the Pittsburgh Penguin’s ate at Del Frisco’s right next to me.

Carolyn Smith, guest and Will Smith at the 76ers game on Friday night. Will was there with the whole family, Jada, Jaden and green haired Willow. Despite rumors of trouble in paradise between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, the couple have been caught on camera at several basketball games. Just last Friday they were featured in a big smooch right on the Jumbotron in Philadelphia. (Yahoo) On Tuesday Fela! opens at the Academy of Music. Will and Jada Smith are producers of the musical and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t show up at the event. (Charlie Mac Twitter)

The British Boy Band One Direction was in town Saturday to make a few appearances.

First they headed across the river to a Walmart in Somedale NJ for a signing. Cover your ears. Over 1000 young girls and their parents showed up. To think I photographed Betty White instead, no one was screaming there (although we were howling with laughter.)

Then they climbed on a firetruck ladder. (This is one or the stranger appearances. Are they insured? )

Then were “arrested” by Somerdale cops.

In the evening they stopped by Q102 for a meet and greet. Over 400 fans greeted them in the parking lot. A few fans heard they were staying at the Palomar Hotel and waited for them there. When they arrived the boys were a bit unnerved by the seven screaming young ladies and were ushered into the hotel much to the disappointment of the devoted fans. The girls tell me they still love them, although a few tears of anger fell in the early morning again when the boys were ushered out to the shuttle that would take them to their next destination at 2:00 AM. On the otherside of town Saturday Night

M Night Shyamalan hosted the After Earth halfway thru party at the former MTV Real House home Trust in Old City. (The film is shooting at Sun Center Studios, Chester .)Leaving the party about 2AM was actress Sophie Okonedo, Jaden Smith, Isabelle Fuhrman and M. Night Shyamalan

Wednesday Event: Kisses for Kyle Fun Night! Claude Giroux, Matt Read, and Dave “The Hammer” Schultz 3/21/12 $50
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