#RandomPixs Spring, Easter & Tidbits

  Friday was a beautiful day out. I was on Fox 29, and I usually take my good old time getting back home to work. ie I usually don’t work on those days if it’s beautiful out since there are usually many beautiful things to shoot.

 Like this falcon near the Curtis Building on Washington Square West. 

 Honestly this shot confirms my fear of heights

 Just because.  Tomorrow I plan to write about people who were at Bam Magera’s art opening, and the god awful steps you have to climb to get to the show. It’s a 4 story walk up.

 IN this month’s Where Magazine, Reading Terminal’s GM Paul Steinke writes about the 35 places he loves in Philly. This is one of them.

 Sometimes the gates are open and you can sit on this bench.

 Pine Street

 Hedging their bets as they have posters in the window supporting both candidates Brian Sims and Babette JosephsSims to challenge Babette Josephs in 182nd Dist”.  I think it’s time for a change.

 I see a greeting card here. I think when I get my life in order I’m going back to making photo greeting cards too.  THIS is on Camac Street. The only street in Philly that you can spell backwards and forward.

 OMG Brian Sims and his furry dog who I can’t remember her name. It took a couple shots to get the dog to somewhat face forward.  It’s like a child. That’s why I shoot adults.

 Dining out for Life 4/26/12

 The new Boiler Plate changed the color of the building from Blue to Brown.

Note the man’s arm near the policeman’s yellow jacket. He’s saying “I was just upstairs for a minute,” explaining why he parked in the handicapped tow-away-zone. 

 Occupying Joan Shepp’s Bench

 You can donate your old shoes at Joan Shepo

 Cooper River Park

 My nephew Timmy and niece Ella

Sometimes I get gift bags with shirts in them. I thought this would be perfect for my 8 year old niece. Then my sister explained to me why it wouldn’t be. Opps.

My sister Crista, with Mimi, Bo and Michael. Back row: Hubby Michael and father in law: Mr Bateman.  See you tomorrow.