Colin Farrell in Philly, and Philly in Focus Launch

Colin Farrell is all over town as he is preparing for his new movie “Dead Man Down”.  Over the weekend Variety reported that Terrence Howard would be joining the cast along with Dominic Cooper and Noomi Repace.  Yesterday I tweeted that he was walking down Walnut Street with his gym bag around 1ish (follow me on Twitter : for sightings. I think I’ll start a hastag #PhillyFarrellSightings, but let’s not report where he lives if you find out.). Seems he went to The Sporting Club at the Bellevue again, sounds like a good time to join or for me to work out. Then a photographer got some nice shots of him walking down Walnut St. on his return.  
Tomorrow (Wed) I’ll be on Fox 29 in the 9 o’clock hour with exclusive shots of an event I am doing tonight, and you will want to see who I’m shooting. I’ll also be running additional shots and a story in my PhillyMag column. On I will run the Bam Margera art show, along with shots of his friends that went to the opening party on Saturday night. They were as colorful as the art on the wall at James Oliver. Now on to today’s entry.
Comcast and The City of Philadelphia announced the public
beta launch of Philly in Focus, a
dynamic new platform and OnDemand initiative is dedicated to making local
videos and other intereavctive media easier to discover and share. 
Philly in Focus is an open, social environment supported and
populated by loca organizations to showcase the real people, communities and
passions that make Philadelphia a great place to live, work and play. Working
in close partnership with local groups, Philly In Focus is designed to
complement any current local efforts to highlight the unique personalities of
the City Through video and interactive media.

George Cummings, Sharon Powell-Lee, Director Government & Regulatory Affairs, Comcast, Paul Gluck, Associate Professor in School of Comm. & Theatre at Temple Universityand Sheila Willard 

Spinning during the meet and greet Jamaica ‘Afrojack El’ DJ
James Madison, NC Reader, Jason Brewer, Andrew Thomas, and  Matthew Sommer

STYLISH: Naoko Masuda and Sam Margulies

Individuals and organizations are also encouraged to become
a content partner by applying on the website. There are no fees involved in
participating as a content partners and publishers on Philly In Focus. Any
group association or program that showcases the real people, organizations,
communities and events that make Philadelphia a great place to live, work and
play are welcome.

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office Crew: Joan Bressler, Yusef Dingle, Gillian Procopio (@GPFO) and Nicole Giles

Kerri Kennedy, Executive Director, Women’s Campaign International,
Lyndsay O’Herrick , Senior Coordinator, Government Affairs at Comcast
Cable and Ruth Billebault, Executive Assistant at Versus

Event speakers included Mayor Nutter’s wife, Lisa Nutter and Jeff Freidman, the City of Philadelphia’s (From the Mayor’s Office on Philly In Focus)
Manager of Civic Innovation and Participation. The crowd also heard
from civic content partners, Kerri Kennedy of Women’s Campaign
International (WCI on Philly In Focus) and Gretjen Clausing of PhillyCAM (PhillyCAM on Philly In Focus).
Representing the many people at Comcast working on the initiative were
Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Sharon Powell-Lee, and
Director of Local Media Development, Paul Wright. The event featured a number of videos from including a welcome video about the new initiative and several others from content partners such as Love Philly Food and My Take’s Great Moments in Philadelphia History.

Mayor Nutter

Paul Wright and Jeff Friedman

Gretjen Clausing and First Lady Lisa Nutter

Working in the Control Room Ryan Saunders, Jihad Ali, Anotoinne Haywoo. Jihad Ali was selected as PhillyCAM’s January Member of the Month. He dedicated much of his time to participating in production workshops and
improving his camera skills by working on his own projects and
volunteering as a crewmember for others. Since becoming a PhillyCAM
member, Jihad has been able to tell his own story and “produce quality
video on any subject matter with quality sound and proper lighting.” He also appreciates accessing equipment to provide assistance to others who are not members of PhillyCAM.

Jessica Sharp, Sarah Casey and Kate Leonard,- Maven Communications

Learn more about Philly In Focus online (, OnDemand (within the Comcast digital cable system, go to the ‘Get Local’ folder and select ‘Project Open Voice’), on Facebook and Twitter (@PhillyInFocus). If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact Philly In Focus at or by clicking here.