Calderwood Gallery Re-Locates to the Hot, Hot Side of North Broad Street

The revitalization of North Broad Street continues to gain momentum.
Following the openings of restaurants Vie and Route 6, Calderwood Gallery has
opened is brand new greatly expanded showroom across the street on 631 N. Broad.
Calderwood Gallery features interesting and unique furnishings and rare classic

Calderwood Gallery launched in 1982 by Janet and Gary Calderwood, built
an international following as a world-class resource for original
French Art Deco (1910-1950) furniture by the most illustrious designers.
The gallery has a vast inventory that includes works by Ruhlmann,
Arbus, Leleu, Dominique, Jallot, Dufrene, Follot, Subes, and their
contemporaries from that pivotal era in the timeline of fine design.

Some years ago, together with son, Chris Calderwood (r), they expanded to
include innovative decorative arts from the 60s-80s with emphasis on
pieces that incorporated interesting materials like Lucite and cork,
fossil stone and coral.

Darrell Clarke President of City Council, Janet Calderwood of the
Calderwood Gallery, and Karen Lewis Executive Director – Avenue of the Arts.
A dashing pair Kristina Jenkins and Brett Coppol of Where Magazine.

A job well done, architect Tom Nickel and Red the electrician, the new space is light, airy and very contemporary.

Writers Art Spikol and Jax Lowell.

Sissy and Mackenzie Halter.

Darrell Clarke President of City Council, and Karen Lewis Executive
Director – Avenue of the Arts.

  Cara and Chuck Bongiorno

Sisters Cindy and Kelly Mahoney.
Bonnie Silverman, Bill Mifflin, and Sally Mifflin.

Thanks to Photographer Mike Hirata for these shots and some of the copy.