WALGREENS COMES TO ONE SOUTH BROAD, this is not your mother’s drugstore – Details, Sketches & Floor Plans

I’m excited that something is going in at this location. Ever since this location (Broad & Chestnut) became empty I started doing serious research to see if anyone was interested in renting it. I thought it would move quickly as it’s the last of the red hot corners left in Philly. Usually I would put out my findings on Twitter @iphillychitchat and you might recall me saying that the Cheesecake Factory looked into it, but there was not parking, plus they felt that the mezzanine level was seen as wasted space. The other night I asked Pete Ciarrocchi, owner of Chickie’s & Pete’s if he could set up shop there, same answer he wanted parking. Then I heard the Container Store looked at it, but they said there was no parking for customer purchase pick up. They really reached out to a lot of companies to get the space filled.
In December I read on PhiladelphiaSpeaks that Walgreens wanted the spot. My research went into high gear, and I talked to a few people who told me that indeed Walgreens had wanted it for months, but the City kept rejecting them (PCC December entry) because this was the Avenue of the Arts, and that property is a crown jewel, the business that goes in there has to be upscale. I’m here to tell you it’s happening, and it’s not you’re mother’s Walgreens, it’s a really unique business concept. One that other cities will look to for direction.
It’s more like a superstore upscale Walgreens, and not only are the first floor windows not going to be blocked, like they are at most Walgreens (and a major contention with the City), but at no level will the windows be block, leaving the charm of the building intact. That is something new & big in the design of Walgreens. I applaud them.
“Accessory to the following: retail sales of groceries, bakery goods
& pre-packaged foods & beverages,  accessory photographic
processing and printing; take out restaurant with seating (sales
& preparing & serving of hold & cold food & beverages
in/on disposable ware for eat in & take out  less than 30 seats)

w/ garbage disposal in kitchen & interior trash storage  all on the
first floor; retail sales of groceries, bakery goods & pre-packaged
foods & beverages;

take out restaurant with seating ( sales
& preparing & serving of prepared hot & code foods &
beverages in/ on disposable ware for eat in and take out , less than 30
, w/ garbage disposal in kitchen & interior trash
storage on second floor; retail sales of fragrances, cosmetics and
beauty supplies and general merchandise; beauty salon (hair, nails & facials)
& retail sales of related accessories & products; retail sales
of magazines, books, appliances & electronics; retail pharmacy
(drugs & medicines with accessory nonprescription health products
& accessories), consulting room & customer patient examination area (treatment of patients on the third floors), all one tenant.” (I took this description from Naked Philly as they always do a nice job breaking it down)
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The First Floor is called Eat Well. This is where you will find customer service,   buy your prepared foods, convenience foods, get photo services, bury magazines, candy, greeting cards, Wine and Beer.  All those items you need in a jiffy. On the right side is the mezzanine section, and it will be the “Up Market” a cafe, juice and sushi bar. (WOW, just wow)

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The Third Level is divided in several sections: Bridge Pharmacy, Well- Over the counter medications; Look Boutique- high end cosmetics, hair products etc; Nail and Hair Salon; Beautiful – mass cosmetics and skin care brands,  Personal Care and Daily Living – Daily living essentials, household items and greeting cards.

 Update: As I told you back in May, it was a done deal. No matter how many people tried to tell me it wasn’t, even at the Great Chef’s Event, I told them it was going through, and today in Philly Deals they report it’s passed zoning and it’s a done deal. I would rather have something occupy that corner, then leave it empty. Plus it’s radically different than any other Walgreens or store..

P.S. – Remember when I predicted Bart Blatstein would want to build a casino on North Broad Street. I still predict he will purchase the School Board Building to complete his dream.

P.S.S.- Thanks to all those who helped me put this story together over the last 6 months.