Bethenny Frankel Likes To Eat, Meet & Greet in Philly

BEN-FM & Fox 29 threw a party for Bethenny Frankel at
XFINITY Live yestereday and everyone is invited.

 ‘Bethenny’ premieres Monday at 11am
on Fox 29 and will air weekdays throughout the summer. Those in
attendance at XFINITY Live had an opportunity to see Bethenny, in
person, as she talks about her new show and takes questions from the
crowd. Throughout the event there was music, BEN-FM prizes and happy
hour specials.

The party, hosted by Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick, Karen Hepp (above) and BEN-FM
morning personality Marilyn Russell, is in honor of the debut of
Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show ‘Bethenny’.

Xfinity Live’s Rob Johnson, VP Marketing, Ben FM 95.7’s Marilyn Russell and Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick

Bethenny Talk Show Debut: Was It Too Over the Top (Even for Her)?

Fox 29’s Jenn Frederick moving like Mick Jagger
Emma Jacob, Gracie Gutos and Anne Gutos. Check out Gracie’s fashion blog

 Lots of fans came out to see there gal
 I ran into one of my fans who watches me on Fox 29’s Good Day Philly. So sweet. She also got a personal meet and greet with Bethenny up on stage.
When is Bethenny giving birth?
Sue Serio and Bill Vargus
Before greeting the general audience, Bethenny greeted a few fans upstairs in the VIP area.
Before the Q&A session, a clip of the show was shown to the audience. It’s the opening monologue that really reviews Bethenny’s rise to the top. It was only the 2nd time she had seen it. Check out the video below to hear it and watch her reaction.

Cute outfit


Bethenny Frankel tells us some of her favorite restaurants in Philly, and gets a consensus on which cheese steak place is the best in Philly.

Bethenny did cringed a little when she heard her youngest fan watched her show that day as she had talked bout penis’ sizes, masturbation, breast feeding, using sour cream to stop razor burn under the arm pits and demonstrated. It was a wild show. Produced by the Queen of Class, Ellen DeGeneres, Bethenny is not afraid of being the Queen of Crass.

Kristen Schada and Amanda Kramer told me that Bethenny delivers, her new show was exactly like her reality show – She didn’t hold back. OK then I guess I should fasten my seat belt.