ALEX’S LEMONADE THE GREAT CHEF’S EVENT 7 Photos that didn’t make it & the Link to my Epic Column

Ryan Davis and Leandra Kern

If you’ve been following me on Twitter today, you know I had to cut back on a few photos where I didn’t have epic stories to go along with them. The event is epic, and well I need stories that haven’t been printed before or well that are epic. (I’m having a very disclosure kinda week here on PCC) Plus I was looking for people dressed in Yellow for Alex’s Lemonade or epic stories: Here’s the Link to the PhillyMag Column, or you can read on and see the 7 shots I had to take out for brevity, which well didn’t happen either. HERE

Mark Bee, Silk City, Dan Stern, R2L and Kirby Mallon III

They came all the way from Italy…

Donna Coghlan, Advance Staging who did the lighting for the event, Hope Cohen, Larry Cohen (hmm I don’t think they’re related, I should have asked.) and Cori Moskow, Gloss Pr

I found these ladies in the Men’s room. Kate Quarella, Melissa Levy and Paige Marmar
Tara and Anthony Boucci, Founder of Now this is an awesome shot. I took it as I was running out, I wish I had asked them a few questions like when are you due? So gorgeous, both of them. Just glowing.
Meg Torpey, Starr Restaurants, Chef Jennifer Carroll (helping out) and Nick Gregory, Kimpton Hotels get ready for the game changing Hotel Monaco opening this fall.

You know I love WINGS. I go to HOOTER’S and put up with those ugly orange outfits just to have some delicious wings. Well I’m hear to tell you I don’t have to do that anymore. I’ve discovered PJ Whelihan’s Pub. They were at the Great Chefs Event after party at Amis. Delicious. Here’s that Philly Mag link again.