Over at Philly Mag on Tuesday we covered mostly the chefs (& by we I mean me, Bob Dole.)  P.S. Even if your photo appears on PCC, it could still make it in the magazine.

I don’t like Pink Floyd – Dogs, but I do like “Wish You Were Here”

Pet lover and founder/president of PAWS Dana Spain was front
and center welcoming her guests and then guiding them through the
evening from cocktail party, to dining tables, and then upstairs to
complete the night at the dessert bar under the watchful eye of
presidents Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and the George W. Bush—all
of their portraits hang at the Union League.
The Wineburgh’s and Evan & Lynsie Solomon.
On the social scale this
event is a 10, and no matter your political persuasion or your past
indiscretions, the crème de le crème show up for this event to support
PAWS’s animal-rescue initiatives,

which include adoption and foster
care programs, spay-and-neuter surgeries, low-cost vaccinations, and,
of course, to be seen in their party best.

 Michael Howard, Renee Freeman, Don Freeman and Ira Schwartz (Hope you caught up with him cause I hear this is his once a year outing.)
 Mariska “disappearing in front of us” Bogle and bestie Kecia Jordan
 Andrea and Brad Heffler

 Thank you Dana Farrell for forgiving me each and every-time I can’t remember your name. She is most gracious and just offers it to me cause she knows my brain is like swiss cheese.  And because she’s so awesome I’m gonna give her a live link to her business. Dana is partner at Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar

The Joans: Joan Pileggi and Joan Spain. What an honor that Joan Pileggi reads my blog, and told me she loves my photos. I’m keeping Philly Classy. (ie do not read my coverage of the scantily clad peeps at North Beach.) and Joan Spain. Before there was Carrie Bradshaw, there was Claire Rose.

I’m always amazed by the generous donation various charities get for their silent auction.

 Hayley Curry, Norman Jung and Amanda Murphy
 Judy and Buzz Miller
 Robin van Laer and Kim Curley on their sophomoric year at Paws
 Ronnie and Dana Donnutucci (They ate dinner next to Alycia Keys on Saturday night down at Revel)
Frank Ciprioti and Dave DiBello

Justin Wineburg, Greek-American brothersister team Vasiliki Tsiouris, Opa Restaurnt (2nd from left) and George Tsiouris with Mrs Wineburgh and Maria Papadakis.

Marilyn Keller and Sonya Bright
The Team from XIX: Wilmer Ranirez, Andrew Petruzzelli, Kristel Bryant, Richard Hebben and Adam Judeh

 Miss Philadelphia 2009, Ryann Richardson, now doing marketing at Reserve Steakhouse. The only venue with a cigar bar.
It’s Official: Nicole Cashman Richards and Nigel Richards



Hickory Lane – Decorations by DAS Designs

Kirby Mallon and Evan Solomon. It’s like they knew the colors of the table? That could be possible.

Dana Donatucci and Lynsie Solomon

Hickory Lane
Luca Cena – Revolution House, 200 Market Street
will feature a 15% discount on select “All American” staples on their
menu, as well as American Local Beers from Friday, June 30th through Saturday, July 7th. Guests can watch The Fourth of July fireworks at Penn’s Landing on Saturday, June 31st from the restaurant’s rooftop deck.
Chef Jasper Alivia of Cuba Libre  and Matt Levin, Square Peg

Table 31, decorated by Chef Chris Scarduzio’s cousin

Decorators and florists volunteered their service on the beautifying of the Pods.

Ela decorated by guy who did the interior of the restaurant – Richard Stokes

This says Kemp florist all over it, and that’s exactly who did the Union Trust table.

Carol Tamburino is always in the best photos with some of the best lighting, which is a problem since I just had her in my Philly Mag column last week. I really like to rotate me peeps, but dang she is photogenic. With Brûlée Catering (formerly known as Max & Me) peeps Thomas McMullen and Larry Cohen (sorry, I do know it’s Larry.)

Professional Poker Player, shoe connaisseur who has nothing to hide, Beth Shak tells me that everything is A-OK and her shoes are intact, as she hangs out with Maria Papadakis.

Sharon Coia, Guest, Guest, Carol Tamburino and Maria Papadakis

Frank and Molly Napolitano, Donna Bright, Lea Knapik, Ellen Babb and Mark Kane
The Sexiest Chefs in Philly. 
Jen Carroll she’s off for a little Fly Fishing vacation next week. Sounds hot.