July Fourth Street Closures/Closings 2012 – Penns Landing, Chestnut Street & Art Museum Area

Office of the
City Representative                                                     Melanie
City Representative/Executive Director,
Wawa Welcome America!
For Immediate Release                                              Press Contacts Only:
Heather Murphy,
City announces streets closures, in effect today
through July 4, for the Wawa Welcome America! Festival
Motorists advised to steer clear, or proceed
with caution, in areas impacted by festivities.
27, 2012
– City officials today announced information
regarding street closures – Wednesday,
June 27 through Wednesday, July 4, 2012
– before and during
activities in the vicinity of the ongoing 10-day Wawa Welcome America! festival.
Delays can be expected and motorists are advised to avoid, or
proceed with extreme caution, in the areas near these festivities before and
during Independence Day.
The following includes information about street closures for the 2012
Wawa Welcome America!
Festival, which includes 20 events citywide:
Beginning at 9:30 A.M. Friday, June 29 until 9 P.M. Sunday, July 1,
Chestnut Street
will be closed at Front Street.
As a result, SEPTA buses will be detoured onto Front Street. SEPTA will not have any
buses lay over on the viaduct.
Beginning at 9:30 A.M. Tuesday,
July 3 through Thursday, July 5
, the eastbound inner drive of the
Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed for set-up for the Philly 4th
of July Jam/Grand Finale Fireworks. The westbound inner drive will be closed
after the evening rush hour at about 6:30
/ Streets Closures Wawa Welcome America! Festival
On Monday, July 2, in
preparation for July 4th events in the historic district, the 500 block of Chestnut Street
will be closed, after the morning rush hour, at 9:30 A.M., for the event set-up of staging and related
equipment. The street will reopen at 3 P.M.
for the evening rush hour, and then will close again after 6:30 P.M. to allow for the completion of
event equipment set-up. The street will remain closed Tuesday, July 3
to allow for more set-up in
preparation for continuing festivities in the area.
No street closures are planned during the
concert and fireworks at Penn’s Landing at the Great Plaza
on Saturday, June 30th; however, Columbus Boulevard may be heavily congested
during the fireworks later in the evening, so motorists are advised to avoid
that vicinity, or proceed cautiously.

Wednesday, June 27

4th & Learn (10 A.M. – 12 P.M.)
at Smith Memorial Playground in East
Fairmount Park.
No street
closures are planned for this event.

Day @ Independence Mall (12 P.M. -2 P.M.)
Held at Independence
Mall. No street
closures are planned for this event.

Philly @ the Movies (9 P.M.)                                  Philadelphia Museum of Art. No street closures are planned for this
event; however, traffic around Eakins Oval could be heavy at times.

Friday, June 29

of Philly (5 P.M. – 9 P.M.)                               Chestnut Street
viaduct closed at 9:30 A.M.
Landing at the Great Plaza                

Saturday, June 30

Taste of Philly followed by evening
concert and fireworks.)

of Philly (11 A.M. – 10 P.M.)                          Chestnut Street
viaduct closed however,
Concert & Fireworks on Penn’s Landing           Columbus Boulevard may
at 10 P.M.)                                                gridlocked during
the time of the fireworks show in the evening.
Add 2/ Streets Closures
Wawa Welcome America!

Sunday, July 1

of Philly (11 A.M. – 7 P.M.)                            Chestnut Street
viaduct closed until 9PM

Monday, July 2

Philly @ the Movies (9 P.M.)                                  The
Dell Music Center.
North 33rd Street.
No Street
closures are planned for this event.

Tuesday, July 3

Arts Paints Day (2 P.M. – 5 P.M.)
Mall at Independence
National Park. 520-525 Market St. No street closures
are planned for this event.

on Independence
(8 P.M.)
                             Independence Hall. 500 block
of Chestnut St.
will remain closed.       

Wednesday, July 4 (Independence

July 4th Set-Up                                                           500
block of Chestnut Street
will remain closed for the final set-up.
The perimeter of the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway will be closed, beginning at 6 A.M., and will stay closed
until the end of the Parkway concert and fireworks — between 20th and
25th Street, and between Race Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.
Add 3/ Streets Closures
Wawa Welcome America!
Celebration of Freedom Ceremony/ Independence Day Parade
                                                                      5th Street,
from Walnut to Arch streets (6 A.M.)
Independence Mall vicinity                                     6th Street,
from Walnut to Arch streets (6 A.M.); 9th
Street, from Walnut to Market streets; Chestnut,
from Front (including viaduct) to 7th
Street (7 A.M.);
Street, 7th to 10th streets (9:30 A.M.            
Market, Front (including viaduct) to 11th  
Streets(9:30A.M.);                                                                                                 Front,
from Dock to Arch streets (9:30 
Sons of the Revolution Parade,                               Walnut,
from Front to 6th streets,
Mall area                                             2nd Street, from Chestnut to
Dock streets,
Parallel, from Spruce to Dock streets
Let Freedom Ring Ceremony at                              500
block of Chestnut Street
remains closed.
Independence Square
Party on the Parkway (12 P.M. – 7 P.M.)              Eakins
Oval and all drives on the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway will be closed at 6 A.M.  Only authorized
vehicles will be allowed into the area, between 20th & 25th
streets, and Pennsylvania Avenue
to Race Street.

Philly 4th of July Jam/
Grand Finale Fireworks

(Concert & Fireworks, 7 P.M. – 10 P.M.)              There
will be a perimeter established at 4 P.M. for vehicular traffic that will be at
18th Street
and Fairmount Avenue,
and from John F. Kennedy Boulevard
to Spring Garden Street.
Area residents and persons with authorized parking will be allowed within the
perimeter; others are advised to use public transportation, or parking outside
of the area.