ONE SHOTS, NEW BUSINESS- IT’S BACK ON – WALNUT STREET, David Grohl, All the Clinton’s on the Boardwalk

Ohhh how time has run away from me and the stories I wanted to tell. For the past month or so I’ve been blogging mostly about events with very little time to do the PhillyChitChatter. But don’t worry I’ve saved them up and even if they’re out of date let’s see what I have.

Last week fame-addicted Michael Lohan and Octomom Nadya Suleman ( & promoter Damon Feldman) were
photographed together  heading into the studios of Fox 29
in Philadelphia where she was scheduled to appear on Good Day Philadelphia to promote her participation in the Summer Rumble 2012 celebrity pillow fighting match against Shila Nathan from Wired 95.7 as well as her new softcore porn video, Octomom: Home Alone.
Oh, and she also announced she has been in the recording studio
recording a single called “Get On The Dance Floor” and is offering
“Octoloans” to people as she’s done so great with her business plan.  Next up for Feldman he’s wants to see Chris Brown and Drake put on boxing gloves and fight each other in the ring … and he’s offering them $1 million each to do it!

Should Drake and Chris Brown take the offer (and there’s a 100%
chance that they won’t), the fight would be a pay-per-view event that
will go down this August in either Las Vegas or Los Angeles.  Plus there will be a donation of a million dollars to a women’s battered shelter. Now that is epic.
 You might have read about David Grohl being in town & leaving an awesome tip in Dan Gross’ column. Someone sent me a shot of him sitting in with EBE at the wedding he was attending that weekend.

The progress on the old AAA building. For years this was where folks went to join the club for discounts and auto service members. Then 2 years ago it was the film set for the Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless. Now it’s being converted into apartments, and they’re adding 6 additional floors. Let’s hope rentals do much better in kinda DOA area than the condos, the Murano is across the street. Maybe you’ll get to see Hunter Pence as I hear he has a condo there. The delicious Rogues Gallery is located behind the building on 21st Street. (Naked Philly has some history on the project)

 President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped their longtime friend Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky celebrate her 70th birthday Saturday night in Ventnor, NJ.Above with Chelsea, and her hubby Marc Mezvinsky.  (My neighbor took this shot from his balcony.)
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Condolences to my friend Caral Parris‘ family. She recently passed away. It was Caral who came up with this idea of the 24hr Emergency Dentist. It lives on even though she’s left us.

At Jakes Sandwich Board President Obama is leading the election via votes by Jellybeans. Stop in vote, take a jelly bean for you and give one to your favorite candidate.

It was on, then it was off, now I hear it’s back on – Ulta, the US beauty superstore chain to located in the 1600 block of Walnut – where Brassier Perrier used to be. (Again over to Naked Philly for info on the store when it was first chatted about in 2011.)

I caught the POTUS on 95 when he arrived in Philly 2 weeks ago. Honestly why does he come during rush hour?

I was there the night of Lindsay Furman’s “Love in the Wild” debut. I knew about it for months. I totally snoozed in writing about it and missed the boat. Here’s a photo from that night I took between the Great Chef’s event and the after party at Amis. I even made that effort to get there, ugh, but I was so busy posting events. So sweet she invited me.  Kate Carmack, Dustin Kaplan, Lauren Sembello, Mark Marek, Terry Jue, Lindsay Furman, Sabrina Strickland and Anthony Sembello co-owner of Rogues Gallery Bar. Dan Gross did an great story on it HERE

So sad to hear of the passing of my friend: Lisa
Maxine Reisman Halterman
, 57. The NY Times says she was an owner of a gallery in Rittenhouse Square and patron of the
arts in Philadelphia for nearly four decades, [she] died Wednesday, June 6,
following a ten-year battle with cancer. She passed away at home
surrounded by her family and friends. – She was very, very nice and a joy to know. (With my friend Greta Greenberger)