Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Launches Clothing Line Today with Meet & Greet at Modell’s

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is fulfilling his long-time dream of launching his own fashion line. Vick’s sports-apparel line, named V7, is in a licensing partnership
with celebrity clothing-line mogul Ruby Azrak and former ICM talent
agent Brian Sher, according to The Wall Street Journal.

V7 will be launched on Wednesday, to be exclusively sold at Modell’s
Sporting Goods stores through 2012. 25 of 30 stores are located in the
Philadelphia area.

He’s grateful to the people who have forgiven him for something he regrets and now knows was wrong.

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 Chatting about his redemption, discussion of his recent marriage to Kijafa Frink, who will now be known as Kijafa Vick she told me yesterday. His passion working with Animal Welfare. Helping to bring awareness to dog fighting, speaking to kids on the history of it and how to avoid doing it, and moving on with life in God’s good grace.

See Michael Vick today at Modell’s at Noon at the Modell’s Cottman Avenue store (Show map of 2329 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19149)  then at 5PM at the Snyder Ave store            (15 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148).