PHILADELPHIA Style Magazine – With 1200 People in Attendence

Philly Style Magazine held their annual soiree at Vie last Thursday, a very busy Thursday indeed as I had 3 other events I was scheduled to shoot and didn’t arrive at the PSM til nearly 8:30PM. (Sorry Stop Caid I wasn’t able to make it to Xfinity Live for your worthy cause.) PS if you’re photo is here could you wait til the end of the day to take it off, and also link back to PCC. Thanks HughE

The Philly Style Magazine Party is a must do on the social calendar. The creme de le creme of the social, party people make sure they’re in town to attend, as well as several out of towners who fly in. Above Rob Wasserman, (happy bday Maggie Wasserman)  Rouge & 500F, with Chef Jennifer Carroll and Chef Michael Collantes.

Dana and Ron Donatucci, Dana Spain and Eric Cahill.

Jennifer Sherlock & notable Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky. Also spotted in the crowd was Philly Gossip’s Dan Gross, Matthew Nadu, Joe Diorio, Carmella Jacquinto, Nicole and Charles Paloux, Big Rube Harley, Sal D’Angelo, Erin and Ashley Elmore, Schoolly D, Jessy Kyle, Melanie King, Monica Malpass, Sharif Elgamal, Sabrina Thorne, Justin Pizzi, Nathan Learner, and Carol Tamburino

Socialite, Maria Papadakis wearing this seasons color: Orange, John Westrum and Melanie Martin

Philadelphia Eagles player Jeremy Maclin and Drew “The Mayor” Carballo

Delilah’s darling Angela. On Wednesday

The 10th Annual Diamond G-String Award hosted by Jenna Jameson 7PM 100 Spring Garden St. Plenty of parking.

John Colabelli, publisher of Philly Style Magazine, betting it all that the night would be a winner (5th from left Jin Hee Park)
  Lisa Silveri and Ellen Sarber
Vittoria Woodill, Shop for what pops, finding clothing for bargain prices at her blog Polished Pennies. Melony Roy, Jennifer Sherlock, Lauren Nickles and Bridget Quinn

 Pam Regan, Marcia Penn-Cummings, Lisa Gaudio, Blondell Reynolds-Brown and Carol Drumstas, Brown-Forman


Carmena Ayo-Davies, 3G Marketing Solutions, Blair, PNK Elephant, and Asya,
Shoe guru Beth Shak is kicking up her heels with happiness with Ben Cook
NBC10 Traffic & weekend reporter Christine Maddela, WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta, Vasiliki Tsiouris, Opa restaurant and Sheena Parvin, NBC10 Weather gal
 Chuck Peruto, Esq., Genna Francesca, Kristen Johanson, CBS3, and Danny Cevallos, Esq. Cevallos & Wong LLC
John Bolaris and Erica Smitheman have been working on their tans in Margate.

The always stylish Brian Taylor, Office of Blondell Reynolds Brown and Buffy Morgan, Chorus Communications

Juan Vidal, Sharilynn Gulfillan, Sharon and Jack Deangelis, I went to college with Sharilynn and Sharon’s sister Suz (yes all ssss’, the other sister is Shari.) I hadn’t seen Sharon in about 25 years, way back when she and Jack started dating.  He’s was with Morton & Rudolph then, and now he’s president of the Cherry Hill jewelry store. (I had just run into Sharilynn earlier this year for the first time since she was a kid.)

 Terrence Howard stopped by the soiree.
Denethia Durgin and Aldoric Paugh
Susie Celek, Artur Kirsch, The Studio CL Workshop Angela Perfetto, Julie Dorenbos and Natalie Scarantino, Assistant to Owners at Philadelphia Soul AFL- all tanned up by Skin Palette

Darling of fashion and style Tim Adams was there wearing a classic seer sucker suit

Danielle DuBois, Hugo Boss and Robert Wright, G Lounge
The Palm Restaurant – This year my mug goes up on the wall as soon as I have time to schedule it. So grateful to them. I saw the caricature and it’s overwhelming to be honored this way. Danielle Grimm, Sales Manager at Palm Restaurant, Hoa Tran, Seang Phai, Nafis Robinson and Victor Quezada. They have a great happy hour at 9PM as well as at 5PM.
I can’t believe I can call Jade Starling my friend. She’s like my music idol of the 80s, I have wonderful memories dancing to her music with my friends in clubs like The Chez, Saratoga, Second Story, Kennel Club, Catacombs,Voodoo, Kurts and Gatsby’s.
I’ll be sweating and huffing & puffing for now on with the guy on the right twice a week as I fight to get healthier. It’s my trainer Steve Hoffman from The Sporting Club.. I’m going to chronicle it once a week, and on Twitter too. I really am excited. I’ve never had a personal trainer, which I so need to stay dedicated. It’s so easy to blow off exercise to chase Miley Cyrus or sit in the park and people watch, or work all hours of the night. With him is Hector Bones another trainer at the Sporting Club.
bottoms up

 Kristyn Aldrich, Megan Smith, Brownstone PR (Happy Birthday Megan, who’s celebrating with a week in Hawaii.), Monica Glass and Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, I-G Creative

I’m loving Hacina Saadi hair, Arthur Kade and Mariel Rojo

Michelle Miller, The Nouveau Image, Josh DeMarco, Jason Matthews Salon and Jenne Doyle and Dana Moorison, Heads & Tails Salon.

Julianne Glatz (flew in from Chicago), Rochelle and Michael Steinberg, Tal and Jill Jacobson, Toby Delarosa, and Lindsay Furman
Katelyn Goodman and Rebecca Goodman
Wanda Mora, Mora Managment, with undefeated and current WBC light
welterweight champion Danny “Swift” Garcia, rapper Eddie “Main
Attraction” Rodriguez
, and Christina Sanchez, Telemundo
Must be the music that’s turning me on, must be the music by CTO Entertainment

  Today’s my birthday. Thank U for one of the best years of my life!!