If you want a spectacular party have Maria Papadakis plan it for you. What an amazing night with some of my closest friends. I’m so lucky to have so many people care about me. Thank you for the amazing surprise of a lifetime.

Kristyn Aldrich, Maria Papadakis and me

Katie English, Christie Honigman and Vasiliki Tsiouris. Thanks to Vasilikifor the delicious dinner at her restaurant Opa, 1311 Sansom

Laura Burkhardt, Teresa Nino, Monica Glass, Kristyn Aldrich, Maria Papadakis, Katie English and Christie’s gonna kill me.

Maria heard I had never been in a limo and contacted Secrets Limo.  I really got to experience all the fun of what it’s like to get the limo treatment when you rent one.

They said where do you want to go Del Frisco’s the Casino’s where? I only wanted to go to 5th & Morris cause I heard late in the afternoon they were filming Paranoia there. Ahh when we got there they had wrapped already,

but John, our Secrets limo driver and by the end of the night, our friend, was able to get a lot of info out of the movie people and neighborhood people, which I’ll write about later this week.

One of the best aspects of the evening was I got to introduce a lot of my girlfriends to each other, and now they’re friends.  I have the advantage of meeting lots of wonderful people at different events, that never get to meet each other, and they should.
Who knew, a red carpet comes with the Secrets limo (if you tell them you read it at PhillyChitChat you get 10% off the price)
Supa star
Kristyn Aldrich, Katie English, Vasiliki Tsiouris, Teresa Nino, me, Maria Papadakis, Laura Burkhardt and Christie Honigman.
Thanks to Laura who started off the night by making a beautiful toast,
which was followed by the ladies making toasts throughout the night,
even a toast to Utobia, who gave up his seat for one of the ladies to

we went to the place where I had my first job, Friendly’s. So many of
the girls were excited to relive their childhood favorite, the ice cream
cone man. The friendly staff was very friendly and didn’t mind that we
turned the place into a BYOB for the night.

Finally we went to one of my favorite places, the top of
the Art Museum steps. A few of the gals had never seen the view from the
top of the steps. I love it there. It was crowded too at 11PM. I was
equally surprised and delighted when Marisa Magnatta met us there. What a great night. Thanks to all my girls, it was the best birthday ever!!