Thanks to you, it’s like loosing a member of the family. You grew up before our eyes, got married and started a family. You helped bring the World Series to Philly after a 28 year drought. You were generous with your time and your charity. You were always generous to me and my publications.

 My favorite Shane story. He was at Rouge after a game with a few friends. The place was packed, it was a Thursday night. I go in with friends, the Mayor sits nearby. Some guy comes over and says hey Shane wants to say hi to you, he’s at the front table. I said “me?”, yeah he wanted me to get the bald guy. I said oh he must have meant the Mayor he’s over there. The guy walks away, I go outside and start chatting with someone. I hear Shane yell, “Hey HughE, why didn’t you come over to say hi. I sent my friend over, I wanted to invite you to sit at my table.” I was like shocked, then said. “Oh he asked for the bald guy, usually people call me the big guy.” Well from there on out, he always went out of his way to say hi or acknowledge me, and for a budding social photographer that means a lot.  At the last Shane Victorino event I received a nice note that said Shane hasn’t heard from you yet, he wants to make sure you’re coming, to the “Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show”, he really thinks highly of you. I went, and was always planning to go, I’m just so bad at keeping up with my emails, now I have an assistant, yeah!! I’m sad for me, him, his family and especially for Philly. We took a hit on this one.

OMG we celebrated as a City after you cane on board. You brought a sense of excitement on and off the field, then the Phillies traded you. Such a shock. I’ll miss covering your crazy antics, and the hot blonds you dated.  Best wishes, HughE