Aaah no clip from Fox 29 this week. If you were following me on Twitter last week when I was on my way to the station you would know I decided to walk the last mile or so; wrong decision in a peach shirt. I was switzing a lot when I did the camera time. So I will try and remember what I said here in this entry.

First thing I talked about was Mayor Nutter visiting the set last Tuesday with Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.  I chatted about how important the Film Tax Credit is, it puts a lot of people to work like set designers, security people, truck drivers (the union guys are great); did you know when you close down a street in a neighborhood, like the one in South Philly last week at 10th & Carpenter,

You need to hire a certain number of Philadelphia Police officers, they do crowd control and secure the area from traffic. Restaurants and other people benefit from the production too like moi, I go out and photograph the production putting the name “filming in Philadelphia” attached to which ever of my celebrity photos are picked up on the wire service.

On Monday at 10th & Carpenter several scenes were filmed with Liam Hemsworth and his character’s dad Richard Dreyfus. Dreyfuss stopped in DiBruno’s on 18th and Chestnut Streets last week for a few snacks. I see he’s suffering from the sweatz too!

It was around this time that stories began to float ie, that Liam was getting sick and tired of Miley Cyrus hanging in Philly with him. Sure they’re in love, and are planning a marriage, but he needed to concentrate on this major motion picture, especially because he is the lead. Even this picture I took was turned into some kind of negative story on Perez Hilton. He made it seem that Liam was leaving Miley in the dust trying to get in the trailer.

When actually in the next frames Liam stops to help Miley up the steep stairs.  Chivalry is not dead. (If you use any these photos on my blog, please link back to me.)

That evening the production moved over to the 1700 block of Locust Streets. It was a surprise to me as I was on my usual walk through Rittenhouse Square to see which exciting people were eating at the “to be seen” restaurants and came upon the shooting around 6PM.  The scene consisted of Liam “getting into a SUV”, which was then filmed driving away.

The next night I finally had a Julian McMahon, (Nip/Tuck) sighting. He was doing a scene outside Audrey Claire’s restuarant at 20th & Spruce Streets.  Earlier in the evening he introduced himself to each of the extra’s, exchanging pleasantries and shaking their hands. A very nice gesture.
Around the corner in the same scene was Lucas Till and Liam Hemsworth filming a scene where they are walking down the street, drinking beers out of paper bags.  In between scenes the guy in the yellow would hold the props.  I wish this photo was cleaner cause the actors are posing for a photo for the prop guy and Liam is making a face while sticking out his tongue.  I shot these from D’Angelo’s Ristorante Italiano and Lounge  
where I had the most delicious clams, pasta dinner with a stuff mushroom starter. I chatted with a server who had waited on Liam and Miley the week before. They said the duo is obviously very in love. They were holding hands and really intimate. That evening Liam had his first taste of Chicken Cacciatore and said he loved it.  He was back in the restaurant the night they filmed outside, but I was upstairs near the window seat they sat in. So when you go to D’Angelo’s ask to be sat in the Liam & Miley table.
This table in Twenty Manning was used in the background scene for Paranoia.  The food actually came from D’Angelo’s as their restaurant remained opened during the shooting. (It was fairly crowded too.)
That headline on Perez Hilton is so funny, “Liam Hemsworth Takes a Stroll Without Miley.”,
when actually he is filming a scene with Lucas Till at 20th & Manning Streets in Philly. Miley usually comes to the set right before the night begins, then at meal time, then picks him up. She has her own car.
Here’s a shot of them leaving the film set at 330AM that evening with very devoted fans who were there for nearly 10 hours waiting for their idols. I love chatting with the fans. I am in constant awe of their determination. I’m in awe of Liam and Miley who continually pose for them.  I’ve only heard a half dozen stories where the duo didn’t pose for people. One happened in the tanning salon that Miley goes to, not sure if she was wrapped in a towel or just wanted to enjoy the bake.  Fans Yana, Sara, Airelle with Miley Liam. This is the last photo of Miley with fans as she has left Philly for a bit, I don’t know how long.
I do know that if you didn’t get a photo, (she didn’t seem to sign any autographs), then that would be ashame, as I said they almost always posed. 
Thursday night an epic scene was being filmed in the ally between G Lounge and the Palamor Hotel. Here’s Liam running down the street.
Being chased by Julian McMahon. The lighting, steam and ambiance of this scene was magnificent. I took these photos from the Sofitel Hotel.  Earlier I was at Davio’s hanging out their 6th story bathroom window, plus I tried to get a shot from the Guest Quarters. Thanks to the folks who allowed me to shoot at those places, but the angles just didn’t provide what I needed. The Sofitel was perfect.
The scene above in film. This week Paranoia is filming at the Kimmel Center at Broad & Spruce Streets.  There’s 4 more weeks left of shooting, then a break because as I mentioned exclusively in my Philly Mag column, Liam Hemsworth is leaving to film the sequel to Hunger Games, returning to Philly in late fall to complete the movie. Details here.

This is the last shot of the duo eating in Philly together (taken Friday somewhere), as she hopped on a plane the next day, Saturday, to get her hair dyed even more blond. I guess she discovered blondes do have more fun. At least we know she had a blast in Philly.  I wonder did Liam send her away? What do you think?